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AAA Music | 15 July 2020

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LEE SCRATCH PERRY film: 8 days to raise $8,000

| On 25, Feb 2013

Help finish the definitive feature-length film on the musical icon Lee Scratch Perry, via Kickstarter

Lee Scratch Perry’s Vision Of Paradise Kickstarter video:  // Kickstarter video on YouTube: // Website and movie trailer: // Twitter:

The team behind Lee Scratch Perry’s Visons Of Paradise need to raise $20,000 to finish a unique movie which promises to become a classic and tells a story of epic, magical propotions.

For the past 14 years film-maker Volker Schaner has followed Perry on a spiritual and geographical journey taking in Jamacia, Ethopia, Germany, Switzerland and London. Over this period Volker has earned Perry’s trust, resulting in a never-before-granted level of access and insight into Perrys’ fantastical, spiritual world.

With a thrilling, poetic narration from the legendary Lee Scratch Perry, this is not a biography, more a fairytale documentary. Volker has charted a story that is almost impossible to believe: a revelation, told in the own words of one of the world’s major protagonists of contemporary music.

We’re extremely confident that upon completion Lee Scratch Perry’s Vision Of Paradise will rival or even eclipse the likes of The Devil and Daniel Johnston, Dig, Oil City Confidential, The Filth And The Fury, Marley, Maestro, High Tech Soul or Paris Is Burning.

Volker Schaner on the Kickstarter campaign

Starting in the late 60s with The Upsetters, Lee Scratch Perry wrote the book on Jamaican mixing desk trickery, then constantly ripped it up to create new aural blueprints for the music, via his Black Ark productions of the following decade. He has since then charted a waywardly idiosyncratic path, which has ensured legions of followers absorbing his every move.

Perry began making music in the late 50s for Clement Coxsone Dodd’s label. Following a stint at Joe Gibbs’s Amalgamated Records, Perry formed his own imprint, Upsetter, in 1968.

In the early 1960s, Lee’s mixing board experiments resulted in the creation of dub. He is synonymous with his innovative production techniques and renowned for his studio band The Upsetters.

In 1973, Perry built The Black Ark studios, where he produced records for iconic musicians like Bob Marley & the Wailers, Junior Byles, Junior Murvin, The Heptones, The Congos and Max Romeo.

By 1978 The Black Ark had fallen into a state of disrepair and eventually, the studio burned to the ground; Perry insists that he torched the studio himself in a fit of rage.

Perry has recorded with The Orb, Keith Richards, The Beastie Boys, George Clinton, David Lynch, Andrew WK, Moby, Ari Up of The Slits, Bill Laswell, Tunde Adebimpe (TV On The Radio), Sly Dunbar, Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt, Adrian Sherwood, Mad Professor and porn star Sasha Grey.

Lee’s song Enter the Dragon was sampled by Panda Bear from Animal Collective. He was then selected by A.C. to perform at All Tomorrow’s Parties, which the band curated in 2011.

Rolling Stone Magazine featured Perry in their list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time and his recent collaborative album The Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry present THE ORBSERVER in the star house, was met with widespread critical acclaim.

Although 76 years old, Lee is fit, sprightly and at a creative peak. He divides his time between Jamaica and in Switzerland.