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AAA Music | 23 February 2020

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STAGS – Stealing My Heart / Love Will Delay

| On 07, Oct 2013


The double A-side ‘Stealing My Heart/ Love Will Delay’ release by Stags is overflowing with soulful, psychedelic and alluring guitar hooks infused with funky bass lines and intricate drum rhythms. The music borrows influence form numerous rock and roll outfits of the 1960s and 70s such as the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Hendrix, which is evident from the outset and gives the impression that the music belongs in a different decade, but fortunately ended up landing in this  one.

‘Love Will Delay’ opens with one of the sleekest guitar riffs to surface this year bringing to mind Cream’sSummer of Your Love’ and is enough to send you back in time to the groovy phenomenon known as the sixties. Singer Christopher Finney delivers a soulful and rugged vocal performance over a mesmerizing guitar riff with a multitude of effects on guitars adding an increased sense of delirium and nostalgia to Stags’ vibe. The guitar solo delivered by lead guitarist Alessio Pesaresi brings the song to climax. It is both fluid and mind melting and played with an intricacy and mastery that defined the rock and roll legends of the decade rivalling Jimmy Page and Jimmy Hendrix. This is supported with energetic drum patterns and bass lines which really drive the music forward.

‘Stealing My Heart’ roots Stags music firmly in the blues. The guitar riffs executed here are equally as masterful and exciting as in ‘Love Will Delay’ and the bass line adds a subtle and smooth pulse together with the guitar and drums delivering an enigmatic performance. Here it is evident to see the influence of QOTSA and the White Stripes. Following the rip roaring opening the song maintains a sleek demeanour giving way to burst of energy in a frenzied outbursts of ‘stealing my heart’. Stags have excelled with this riveting release that moves in an entirely new direction than anything that has reached the surface in recent years. They stand alone in their unique and distinctive approach to song writing, portraying an exceptional level of skill in the deliverance of their music. Though their music brings to light music of an earlier decade I’m extremely excited that it has arrived in this one.

Shane O Neill