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AAA Music | 25 July 2024

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LOLA COLT – Away From The Water

6 October 2014 |

As soon as I pressed play on ‘Away From The Water’, the title-track of the new album by London six-piece Lola Colt, I felt as though I had been whisked back to the sand-whipped streets of the Old … Read More

FABLE – I Speak Words

6 October 2014 |

Fable is a brave new act on Brighton music scene. This project cannot be defined by the borders of one single genre – and that’s one of the best things about it! The debut track by Fable is … Read More

ANTONIO PAUL – Modern Daze

2 October 2014 |

I regard Australian two piece Antonio Paul closer to an art project than a band. I’m not referencing a level of visuality or an orchestrated aesthetic like say Gorillaz but rather the way that a track like … Read More

RAHIM SAMAD – Have Discipline

1 October 2014 |

This impressed me. Great delivery from Rahim Samad, who I had not heard of until I watched this video, and the brilliant promo got me interested in the film Travel Property, which is also written by Rahim Samad. … Read More


30 September 2014 |

Being a young man and still learning about great oldschool dance music has led me to Underworld. I already know I am a fan even though I need to listen to landmark album Dubnobasswithmyheadman’s a lot more than I do. With Dubnobasswithmyheadman’s twentieth … Read More


24 September 2014 |

Following critical acclaim for Cope, Manchester Orchestra have given fans another chance to shoegaze to some atmospheric indie rock as they release the third single ‘Girl Harbour’, set to join the stream of autumn releases on the … Read More

PURPLE – Wallflower

6 September 2014 |

Purple show us the grunge-tinted and somewhat psychedelic ‘Wallflower’, featuring a punky exterior. The track is grittily textured, with each instrument seemingly lunging out in its own right – joined with grand plunges of rocking guitar work.

The … Read More

ALBURN – The Nurses Can’t Help Me

3 September 2014 |

Two years ahead of their first EP, Scottish rock quartet Alburn are about to unleash their next offering – Mouthful of Glass, another EP. ‘The Nurses Can’t Help Me’ is the first release from this EP.

The … Read More


2 September 2014 |

Sitting here in the sunshine with a pint and the new Counting Crows tune flooding through my headphones, I couldn’t be happier.  It would be all too easy to say there’s nothing more to say other than the fact ‘Scarecrow’ is brilliant, … Read More


1 September 2014 |

Neil Cowley Trio come back with a new ‘Mission’ for us: a track from their newest and defining album, Touch and Flee, released on Naim Jazz Records in June 2014. Expansive melodies and elegant passages are the … Read More