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AAA Music | 22 April 2024

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| On 15, Apr 2015


Beautiful productions mixed with the slickest rhymes: Ghostface Killah delivers again. This is one rapper who certainly gets better with age and Ghost’s list of albums is very prolific. We’ve almost become accustomed to another Ghostface Killah album like a monthly magazine or weekend newspaper.

Ghostface is not shy of having live instrumentation on an album either, having worked on projects like Twelve Reasons to Die, produced by Adrian Young, and RZA on various past Wu Tang projects. Fresh faced jazz-funk-hip-hop trio BADBADNOTGOOD collaborate here. Their rather distinguished back-catalogue includes production alongside familiar faces similar to Ghostface Killah, like MF DOOM, Odd Future, Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt, whose styles all resonate from those early Wu Tang influences, making this combination very fitting.

I was expecting a dark story telling process that typically comes from writers like the Ghostface with some live instrumentation from BADBADNOTGOOD, that I thought would give a lounge-y, jazz club feel with a funky edge. Well, that is pretty much what I got, essentially, after listening to the album in full, and I was very encouraged by the creative process implemented on the album overall.

Each song has a Quentin Tarantino movie slash Paul Newman in The Hustler-type feel to it, that really immerses you into the atmosphere and mood of the album. It is difficult to put a finger on what track is my favourite, because they are all so well put together and the production is consistent throughout, since there is only production from BBNG, sticking within the concept of the album.

I will mention some tracks with standout vocal featured: ‘Six Degrees’ feat Danny Brown, ‘Street knowledge’ feat Tree, ‘Gunshowers’ feat ELZHI, and ‘Ray Gun’ feat DOOM, which also has a video to it.

Overall this is a great album. It might not be for everyone, but it’s nothing new in Ghostface’s book: he’s been putting out great albums for ages…maybe he doesn’t get the respect he deserves? BADBADNOTGOOD, on the other hand, will gain more exposure, deservedly so, and I expect to hear more collaborations in the future with big artists. Sour Soul was released worldwide in February on Lex Records.

Ian Brown

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Ian Brown


Beautiful productions mixed with the slickest rhymes - Ghostface Killah delivers again.