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AAA Music | 21 August 2018

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Famous Musicians Who Love To Gamble

| On 22, Sep 2017


Gambling is an activity that anybody can enjoy. Be it a celebrity or a daily wage worker, it doesn’t take much time to involve in gambling. The Musicians and the other artists are no exception. Since there are many sources to involve in gambling both online and offline, nowadays people can involve in gambling almost at any time. Online casino games have transformed at a huge scale and nowadays can be accessed through our desktops and mobile phones. There are multiple casinos which offer plenty of virtual casino games such as online poker, online slots and so on. It is to be noted that games such as online poker, online blackjack are getting more popular each passing day. We have compiled a list of musicians who were/are involved in gambling.

Scott Ian

Scott Ian is a guitarist, additional lead singer and the last remaining founding member of the metal band Anthrax. He has been a part of many successful songs and his lyrics are also said to be very effective. He is also found using many signature and special guitars during his concerts and also in many other cases.

He used a wide range of amplifiers in order to deliver an intense thrash metal music. He is also interested in activities such as snowboarding and casino gaming. He plays poker games and is regarded as a casino pro at Ultimate Bet where he played online poker extensively. It is unclear that if he is still playing online poker. He also completed 637th in World Series Of Poker Event which was held in the year. He won a massive amount of about $21,365. He learnt his poker tricks from Phil Hellmuth who is one of the best poker players worldwide.

Gladys Night

Gladys Night is famously known as Empress of Soul. She is a popular singer, songwriter and an actress. She has won many awards including the seven Grammy Awards, two-lifetime achievement awards and other several awards.

She is also a brilliant actress who has acted in many movies and TV series. She also has written an autobiography which is quite famous as it gave a vivid picture of the various stages of her life. In her autobiography among many incidents, she has also mentioned that she was involved in gambling for around ten years. It is quite fascinating that even people like Gladys Night with all those wealth still involved in gambling.


Nelly is a famous rapper, singer, songwriter, investor, entrepreneur and occasional actor. He has a remarkable music career and has won Grammy Awards twice. He has also done a number of supporting roles in movies.

A non-profit organisation is also run by him. Apart from all these activities, he is also a talented casino game player. He played the main event at 2007 World Series Of Poker. He also took part in The PokerStars European Poker Tour and PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

There are plenty of celebrities who involve in casino games such as offline/online poker, blackjack, roulette etc. If the player wants to witness a true casino experience they can try Casino Pros which offer good quality gaming. It is to be noted that players who involve in casino gambling online or offline should practice for fun and entertainment and should wager money which they can afford. In any case, if the players feel that they are getting addicted they can reach for counselling to get rid of it.