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AAA Music | 23 June 2024

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The Six Biggest Benefits of Being a Pro DJ

| On 03, Apr 2019

For millions of amateur musicians across the UK, the dream is (of course) to go pro. You’ve discovered you’ve got a flair for making music, you’ve secured finance for the latest DJ equipment and you’re pretty much good to go.

Next stop, the world.

But what’s it actually like to work as a pro DJ? Or more importantly, do the pros of the DJ lifestyle outweigh the cons?

The short answer is a very big, very confident yes. More typically, there are several huge benefits that accompany the DJ lifestyle it’s hard to deny the appeal of.

Five of which are as follows:

1.  You can wear what you want

As a pro DJ, it’s up to you whether you make a statement with the clothes you wear, or go to the exact opposite. In any case, you’ll never have to wear formal attire or an uncomfortable polyester uniform again. The DJ lifestyle is completely free of dress codes, so it’s up to you and you alone what you wear.  A small incentive perhaps, but one that’s rare in the world of conventional careers.

2.  You get to be your own boss

Working as a DJ means working hard, but it also means working for yourself.  The prospect of never having a ‘boss’ other than yourself again really is as good as it gets. You choose which gigs you want to accept, which locations you want to work in and how much money you’re willing to accept. You’re on your own time, all the time – you’re in it for yourself and nobody else. Not having to answer to a single other person really is a gift.

3.  You get paid to have fun

It’s impossible to become a successful DJ if you don’t love what you do. Hence, you’re technically getting paid for having fun. Even if you’re not earning a great deal at first, it’s still better than earning plenty for doing something you hate. And that’s without factoring in the perks and privileges that accompany life as a professional DJ.

4.  You get to travel and meet new people

Life on the road isn’t for everyone, but is an absolute dream come true for some. For the pro DJ, it’s a case of spending most of your working life out and about, exploring new places and meeting new people. One of the most social ‘jobs’ imaginable, though to call it a job in the traditional sense is to do it a disservice. It’s more like a hobby people pay you to do.

5.  You could be the next big thing

Professional DJs are often just one epic performance away from hitting the big time. You never know who might be listening or keeping an eye on you, which adds even more enjoyment and excitement to every live show. If you’re serious about making it to the top, there’s technically nothing stopping you. A prospect that should help keep you motivated along the way.

6.  You get to make people happy

Last but not least, the joy of seeing people get a kick out of your music really is something else. As a DJ, it’s basically your job to do exactly that. The happier you make them, the more likely you are to succeed. The financial benefits of pro DJ careers are one thing, but are nothing compared to the impact you have on both your audience and the culture in general.

And to think it all started when you finally ordered the new Denon DJ Prime 4 Controller and decided to start taking things seriously!