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AAA Music | 14 July 2024

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Teleman + ᙀᖺ – Live @ Cambridge Junction

| On 27, Apr 2019

Tuesday 23rd April, Cambridge

Starting tonight’s proceedings is ᙀᖺ (Uh), who are an electronic duo and use keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines and a whole host of sound effects to create a sound that is both challenging and seldom easy on the ear.

The vocalist Fionnuala Kennedy uses her voice at times as a whole new instrument, whilst Dominic Kennedy provides the electro beats and experimental synth bits. Mostly this set up works really well but did grate a little halfway through. They then finished on a classy note with the 9 minutes ‘Seasick in Salts’ from their recent EP. It’s an immense end to their set, with its changes in speed, rhythm, pitch and everything else. It’s been a refreshing, original and highly enjoyable set by these new hopefuls.

Teleman’s new album ‘Family of Aliens’ is one of my favourites of the year and the show tonight is made up mostly of this fine set of songs. I saw the band way back in 2013 and they were very static but I’m pleased to say their stagecraft has improved tons with some quirky and albeit modest dance moves from lead singer Tom Sanders and bassist Pete Cattermole.

The whole set is a real joy to behold and I loved every second. Special mention goes to the crowd as I heard no chatter between songs and complete politeness in a respectful way, not normally experienced at this venue. Highlights included the rocky ‘Cactus’, the absolute classic ‘Song for a Seagull’ and the darkly almost gothic ‘Not in Control’.

For the deserved encore, Sanders returned to the stage for a solo version of the beautiful ‘Nights on Earth’. The rest of the band then comes back on stage for the brilliantly infectious rocking indie pop of ‘Düsseldorf’.

In conclusion, if you like just great indie pop and an ear for melody then Teleman have shed loads and dare I say there is a fabulous feel – good factor even though there are hints of Joy Division, The Shins and Death Cab For Cutie they have a sound all of their own.

Nige Nudds