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AAA Music | 14 July 2024

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AAA Music Approved: The Violet Mindfield

| On 29, Jun 2019

Who are you and where are you from?

The Violet Mindfield is a garage/surf/lo-fi/bedroom/psych/acid-folk/rock band from Southern California, the current line up consists of myself on twelve string guitar and vocals, Sean McBreen on bass, Harry Parr on drums and back up vocals and Victor Salazar on second guitar and back up vocals. We say we are from Pomona California because that’s where we got started playing shows and getting some attention but actually we’re scattered across the Inland Empire of Southern California. Sean and I have been friends since we were kids, we grew up together so from the moment we started playing music we were playing together.

Harry joined about a year ago on keys when I met him at the rehearsal space we frequent. I was with my girlfriend and we heard him playing with another band and I liked what I heard. My girlfriend was like, ” you should get his number.”  So I did. Ha Ha! Victor joined around the same time as Harry, he used to play in another band that we would always share the bill with so I knew him already and that he understood what The Violet Mindfield was about. When I realised that the songs on our new album needed a second guitar to be played live I called him up and asked him to join.

What inspired you to get into music?

I grew up listening, reading about and watching movies of the Beatles, the Stones the Kinks, the Who, Donovan, Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, the Doors, the Velvet Underground, Dylan and other artists from the 60’s so that sound and spirit was burned into my brain at a young age. Now I cant get my kicks unless that’s the sound I’m going for. I’ve experimented with other genres but it never feels right. I got the inspiration to start making music myself from Sean’s older brother who was in bands when we were kids and they’d always be jamming in the garage. Seeing him play showed me that it was possible.

Harry: Music’s always been in me through and through, but Desert Daze fest in 2016 really channeled my inspiration and opened my eyes. I saw all the musicians and realized if I play my cards right, I could be up there performing on those stages too.

Victor: Listening to old tapes of CCR and Cream in my dad’s car. Watching Back To The Future when Michael J. Fox jumps off the amp playing Johnny B. Goode. A lot of things inspire me still to this day but those where my introductions.

Sean: Skateboarding videos, my brother, Ms. Shupenia/GYS concert band.

What have you done?

Since 2013 we’ve released three EPs and four full length albums. I don’t know if I can say our band has made an impact on anybody else really, but I know I can say the impact made upon me whilst doing this band is that of profound gratitude. If it wasn’t for the people that support us by coming to see us play and support us by purchasing our albums and other merch items, we wouldn’t be able to keep doing what we do, and I am proud that we continue to build relationships and connect with others through our music.

What are you like live?

I whish I could experience what the audience is experiencing while we are performing, then I’d know what I need to work on. I do think it’s safe to say that our sound at shows can be very different from the sound on the album, depending on the album in question. Many of the tunes we have released where recorded solely by myself and in such a way that’s pretty far removed from live performance. So the feeling, depending on the song, can be very different when hearing it at the show compared to listening to the album. I can also say that I always have a really good time at the shows and I hope that’s what the audience is experiencing as well. Up till now we’ve remained in Southern California playing with great bands like the Warlocks and Levitation Room, but I’d love to branch out and start touring soon…Any booking agents reading this, hit us up!!! ha ha!

What makes you different?

What makes us different hmm, well there are plenty of groups out there doing the 60’s sound so I would have to say it is the way we interpret the sound and the lyrics in our songs that set us apart. Everyone experiences, perceives, and interprets differently, that’s why it’s far out when you meet someone new or hear a song you haven’t heard or read a lyric you’ve never read and you can relate your experience to another’s. It sort of makes you feel like we’re in this together.

Physical vs Downloading vs Streaming…How do you listen to music?

I still have a flip phone so I’m listening to CDs when I’m on the go. Sean, Harry, and Victor all have smart phones so I’m sure there streaming when they’re out and about. When we are home we all listen to records though. As far as the streaming services go I think the accessibility they provide is great. Our music is available on all the major streaming platforms and I love finding out people are listening to us in different places all over the world. For a band that hasn’t toured that wouldn’t really be possible so I think it’s great.

What have you been listening to?

Lately the Buffalo Springfield’s album Mr. Soul on CD and the test pressings of our new album Hello Darling.

What are your aspirations for the future?

Releasing the new album Hello Darling is the main focus right now.  It’s our first vinyl release so it’s exciting for me. We’re doing a limited run of 12″ black vinyl with a full colour jacket, the pre-order is up on our Bandcamp page right now, the actual release is scheduled for July. After that go out on the road to support the album.

Questions answered by: The Violet Mindfield….