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AAA Music | 2 July 2022

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What having an eclectic taste in music says about you

| On 21, May 2020

Are your friends bothered that, due to the fact you love all genres of music, you’re a tough one to label? When your musical inclination stretches far and wide, it can be a challenge for some people to understand how your ears can delight in so many different sounds. 

Of course, the other particular thing to note is that having a diverse taste in music doesn’t mean you aren’t selective when it comes to your listening choices. Rather than being able to enjoy any sound that graces the airwaves, it likely means that you’ve got the kind of open-minded appreciation that allows you to see the value of many different types of music and that you’re able to identify the gems from each genre. Far from being a weakness, this is definitely something to be proud of. Here are five things that have an eclectic taste in music says about you. 

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You resist limitations 

In life, people are often asked to organize themselves into neat little boxes with labels attached. Either you prefer summer or winter, pizza or spaghetti, hip hop or rock n roll, when it reality – things are not so black and white. If your music tastes wander all over the board, it probably means that you’re open to exploring alternatives in other areas of your life. That’s a wonderful thing about the times we live in, you have options when it comes to everything. Choices are plenty in all facets of life, there are so many variations of online blackjack to play, so many different styles of cuisine to sample, and so many genres of music to listen to. Why pick just one?

You’re not really one to follow the trends

Although you probably love reading reviews and interviews featuring your favourite musicians, you probably aren’t the kind to base your listening interests on who is currently topping the charts. That doesn’t mean you don’t like some popular artists, but your eclectic taste has probably allowed you to develop a unique sensibility that gives you the confidence to choose music based on instinct. You’re free from the need to have any external validation. 

You connect with people over music

You freak out (in a good way) when you meet someone who loves the same obscure band as you. As noted above, your slightly offbeat taste means that it is not every day you encounter a musical soulmate. Some chums might be hesitant to trust you with the aux cord at parties, but when you meet someone who speaks your language, you know you’ve made a new friend. 

You care about curation 

The radio probably doesn’t really do it for you. When you set out to listen to music, you want a thoughtfully arranged selection of tunes that is going to suit the mood, occasion, and temperament. Music is more to you than just background noise, and you don’t mind putting some effort into curating the perfect playlist. 

You enjoy variety in all aspects of your spice life 

If you’ve got an eclectic taste in music, it is likely that you’re willing to experiment in other facets of your life as well. With so many different options and varieties to choose from, why not mix it up from time to time? Although there’s nothing wrong with finding something you like and sticking to it, you can also appreciate that there are likely new pleasures out there just waiting to be discovered. Luckily for you, there’s a good chance you’ve got the appetite and curiosity that it takes to find them.