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AAA Music | 24 May 2022

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Investigate The Health Benefits Of Music

| On 27, Oct 2020

Music is a hard staple in the lives of millions of people all around the globe.  Music drives an industry that draws from the pockets of nearly everyone at some point in their lives.  There has got to be some reason why the draw is so compelling.  

The truth is that there are; there are plenty of reasons music draws your attention.  Check out just a small reason music is magic, and read about how your health actually benefits from the time you spend listening to music.  

Music can ease your pain

Music has been proven to relieve pain by reducing the perceived intensity of the pain.  It won’t make your broken arm not broken, but music will help reroute the power your brain is pumping to a more melodic realm.  

Music is often used in geriatric treatment to relieve the suffering or stress present from pain.  Next time you have an intense physical pain issue, try playing a little music to relax your body a bit.  

Music can make you work harder 

If you’re in the middle of an intense workout, you know the music that’s playing makes all the difference in your performance.  Music urges the brain to keep pace with the beat.  Playing your most pumped up mix will help give you the oomph you seek to reach your peak performance.  

It also works for actual work.  When you’re getting ready for work, perhaps taking the time for a nice shave, you listen to music.  When you’re actually working, listening to music can help keep you focused.  

Music is heart healthy

Music can help lower blood pressure too!  Modern research shows that music relaxes vessels in the body, allowing blood to flow more freely.  

The right music can also lower your heart rate and decrease the cortisol levels in your body.  Even when a sappy song makes you cry you’re relieving pent up stress, so don’t shut it down.  Let the music play.  

Music can form healthier eating habits 

Sitting down to a quick meal isn’t really the healthiest way to eat your dinner.  Taking your time while eating gives your body the chance to signal more clearly when you’re full.  Eating slower helps you eat less, and music can encourage a slower intake of your meal.  

Music can help you get better sleep

Listening to classical music while you sleep has been proven to reduce insomnia.  The absence of lyrics is helpful, because your mind is more likely to follow along when you know the lyrics to a song.  

Give yourself one of the best gifts ever, and enjoy a full night of rest.  You can find classical playlists for free on apps like Pandora and YouTube.