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Are There Jackpots In Live Casino Games?

| On 16, Mar 2021

Humans have loved gambling for many thousands of years now, something that was recently proven by the amazing archaeological discovery of Ancient Chinese playing card tablets from around 2000 BC. There is just no arguing with our collective passion for gambling, but one thing that often surprises people is the fact that the first actual casino establishment was only set up in the 17th century, which means that all gambling that happened before wouldn’t have been state-regulated, and therefore could be called illegal. 

Regardless, casino gambling has come a seriously long way in the 300 or so years since its official inception in Venice, especially in the 20th century where places like Las Vegas sprung from pretty much nowhere to become bona fide casino gambling paradises. In the 21st century, the online casino explosion diverted much of the attention away from traditional casinos, however, those of us still looking for the classic casino fix now have live casino t whet our appetites – read out the review about Jackpot Jones Casino. But are there jackpots in live casino games? Keep reading to find out. 

What are live casino games? 

First and foremost, let’s just get to grips with exactly what live casino games actually are, because a lot of online gambling novices probably won’t know what live casino games entail. In essence, live casino games are versions of online casino games, however the main difference is that there is actually a bit of true human interaction, because the dealer is live streamed too wherever you happen to be. 

So, for example, if you happen to be playing a live roulette casino game you will actually see a ball whizzing around a real roulette wheel, spun by a real life dealer too. As you can imagine, this makes the appeal of online casino table games much bigger, as live casino can faithfully recreate these games, bringing them much closer to the true world of traditional casino. 

A quick history of live casino games 

The online casino world has been in operation since the mid 1990s, however in the early days a lack of up-to-scratch technology meant that online casino gambling wasn’t hitting nearly the heights it does today. As the 21st century rolled through, however, things got better and better, with live casino games starting to appear in the first few years of the new century. 

Live casino couldn’t really take off until the standardization of things like broadband, because the live streaming element requires a pretty decent Internet connection for it to work. By 2010 the problem had been cracked, and in the decade since live casino has expanded massively in popularity. 

Are there jackpots in live casino games? 

Onto the golden question – are there jackpots in live casino games? Well, you best believe it! There are of course jackpots to be won in live casino games, and winning them is actually a lot more exciting than on regular online casino table games. 

It is mainly down to the fact that you can see what is going on a lot clearer, hence the added excitement!