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Are There Online Slots With Both Multipliers & Free Spins?

| On 16, Mar 2021

It is crazy to think, but if you were to meet a gambler on the street pretty much anywhere in the 21st century, there would be a 50/50 chance that their preferred game was online slots. Can you believe it? Gambling analysts are predicting that by 2025 almost 75% of the world’s gambling population will be playing slots, and it just confirms how outrageously popular these games have become.

Whilst slot machine gambling was already massively popular back in the 20th century developers were still getting stuck on a few technological hurdles, something that therefore impacted their ability to create games of the magnitude that they do now. The burst in slot gambling popularity is undeniably down to a number of things, however, bonus features such as multipliers and free spins are up there with the most important – check Umbingo for a range of slots with free spins. Here’s one for you though: are there online slots with both multipliers and free spins? Better keep reading to find out… 

A history of slot bonus features like multipliers and free spins 

First and foremost, it is always worth looking into the history of various aspects of the online slots industry, because there are more often than not quite a few interesting pearls of knowledge that you may not have actually known about. In the context of slot bonus features like multipliers and free spins technology actually had a large part to play, so it’s always eye-opening going through a little bit of history. 

The first commercial slot machines to appear took inspiration from Charles D. Fey’s famous Liberty Bell slot machine, and these were all purely mechanical games. As such it was a lot harder to include multiplier and free spin bonus features, which is why these things only became really common after the invention of video slots. And then came online slots, where these bonus features became the norm. 

An overview of free spins 

It shouldn’t be all that hard to understand what the concept of a free spins bonus feature is – it pretty much says it on the tin! Free spins are featured in the vast majority of modern online slots these days, and they give slot gamblers the chance to spin those reels for free, whilst still being able to win some money. 

In most cases a slot’s free spins round is accessible via the scatter icons, with a certain number needed on the reels before the bonus begins. 

An overview of multipliers 

Similarly to free spins, slot multiplier bonuses are very simple to understand too. Unless you are playing a progressive jackpot online slot you are bound to experience the concept of multipliers, because most slot wins are based upon them. 

Different symbols throughout the pay table will have different multiplier prizes, for example, and depending on the amount you wager you could end up winning a fortune! 

Are there online slots with both multipliers and free spins? 

The golden question – are there online slots with both multipliers and free spins? You best believe it! Here are a few of our favourites: 

  • Starburst
  • Chilli Heat
  • Thunderstruck II