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AAA Music | 14 July 2024

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Need Entertainment for Your Corporate Event? Here Are Some Ideas

| On 13, Apr 2021

Whatever entertainment you decide to showcase at your next corporate event make sure it enhances the overall experience of your attendees. Entertainment that falls flat will cause your attendees to be less engaged and leave the corporate event feeling like it was a waste of their precious time. That, in turn, will generate bad word of mouth and ultimately reflect negatively on your brand or business. Make sure your entertainment is a bonafide hit with a thought-provoking impact that will not only win the hearts of your attendees but generate positive word of mouth that will echo long after the corporate event is over. The following are some unique ideas of how to produce memories that reflect positively on the brand you are promoting with the event.

Celebrity Impersonators in Escape Rooms. 

 Escape rooms are trending and can easily be implemented as part of your corporate events entertainment offerings. Throw in a celebrity impersonator of Donald Trump or Michael Jackson and now you have something really out of the ordinary to offer attendees. Imagine trying to figure your way out of an escape room while an Elvisimpersonator shakes his hips and croons some tunes or an Oprah Winfrey look-alike offers suggestions on how to escape. You can even tailor the theme of the escape room and celebrity impersonators to match the theme of your conference or event. As well, an escape room will provide people an interactive opportunity to work together and bond as a team. 

Corporate Comedians and Comedy Improv. 

Everyone loves to laugh and smile, therefore, a corporate comedian and comedy improv makes great sense at any corporate event. Comedy Improv is a comedic skill like no other and will ensure that your event will be completely unique. Improv comedians use cues from the crowd to transform everyday people, places, and things into hilarious scenarios. To produce a memorable corporate comedy show, the professionals behind recommend hiring a good corporate comedian that will steer clear of politics and raunchy humor in favor of suitable corporate event entertainment. Professional comedians know what material will generate laughs from crowds. The last thing you want to do, however, is to hire a comedian that falls flat at your next corporate event. Therefore, it is important that you find a reputable agency that works with seasoned professionals experienced in working corporate events.

Fuse Augmented Reality with Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality can be used to completely immerse attendees in everything from skiing to sky diving and it is a great way to keep guests entertained at your next corporate event. This type of entertainment can also be used for engaging training sessions. Virtual reality allows attendees to have a “hands-on” training session they would not have been able to experience otherwise. Fusing virtual reality with augmented reality will propel your corporate event attendees to a whole other level by allowing guests to bring fantasy into their real and virtual surroundings. You can use augmented reality to create a scavenger hunt for different items to add excitement and a unique level of engagement for attendees. ARVR Tech creates custom augmented reality applications for events spanning everything from training simulations to scavenger hunts.

Fuse Art with Live Music Through MAMM. 

The Modern Art Music Movement promotes itself as the fusion of art, music, film, fashion, and literature fostering peace, love, and compassionate wealth, worldwide. Modern Art Music Movement Happenings, known as “MAMM Jams”, are organized events, wherein the Modern Art Music Movement artist performs live on stage as part of the band or alongside a DJ, interpreting musical wavelengths and frequencies in color, on canvas, to the rhythms and beats of music industry icons and legends. Sponsored “MAMM Jams” amalgamates live mixed-media performance art with all genres of music. The Modern Art Music Movement envisions synthesizing art, music, film, fashion, and literature as a way to foster compassionate wealth worldwide. Adding a live artist to your event can really be a memorable touch.

Regardless of what brand you are promoting or how impressive your event agenda may be, besides hosting as an amazing guest speaker, your corporate event should deliver a memorable experience that visitors will not soon forget. The experience will also suggest in the minds of those in attendance how capable the brand is of producing something special. Realize that at the end of the day, your entertainment should tie back to your event brand and, by extension, your event goals. Doing so will make your corporate event a lot better than what you expected.