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AAA Music | 23 April 2024

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What Is the Connection Between Music and Spirituality?

| On 24, Jul 2021

Music and spirituality together are powerful forces. Have you ever wondered how they intersect with our human experience?

When we think of spiritual meditation music, it doesn’t necessarily have to include a beat, melody, and lyrics, it could be a waterfall, the beach, or rain. 

Spiritual healing music can be both. That kind of music is music that makes your spirit happy and brings a smile to your face. 

We’ve all heard the saying, the eyes are windows to the soul. Well, music ignites the soul and activates the emotions that make us human.

Asking someone you met about their music taste will give you a good indication of their personality type.

In a study conducted at Heriot-Watt University, music taste could help you get a better sense of how open someone is to new experiences, determine how social they are, and understand their level of emotional stability. 

For example, If electronic dance music gets the blood pumping and the energy flowing for you, you have a creative and outgoing nature about you.

There are many different types of music to enjoy. 

Whether you listen to rap, rhythm & blues, rock & roll, gospel, pop, whatever the genre, it’s going to make you feel something. 

Read on to learn how music and spirituality inform the way we live.

Music and Spirituality 

In Anais Dorian Norman’s thesis, “The Psychological Relationship Between Spirituality and Emotional Responses to Music,” she states that musicologists believe that pure music listening means you only hear it as pure sound with no other associations tied to it. 

Music would still have an emotional pull if that were the case. 

The value music holds comes from the emotions it evokes, as opposed to the music itself. Music along with the emotional responses that come with it is difficult to compartmentalize. 

The cognitivist viewpoint states that music listeners imitate, while the emotivist viewpoint seeks to measure listeners’ emotional responses to music.

A study of a Pentecostal youth group determined that there was a sense of connection and wellbeing in the small community due to religious-spiritual involvement and the musical-emotional engagement within the group.

Michael J. Lowis wrote in 2010 that if a person is in tune spiritually, they will believe that music has religious and spiritual qualities. 

Music of the Lucayan Archipelago

Are you looking to take a vacation to the Bahamas, or want to learn more about the types of music that are prevalent in the culture?

You’re in luck. Let the Music Play Bahamas has an excellent guide on popular music from the area. 

The Bahamas and spiritual music have a rich history with another. Bahamians created rhyming spirituals to tell religious stories, and they consisted of a lead singer improvising lyrics and melodies.

While it has become less popular over time, Bahamians preserve the song tradition by recording them. 

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Music and spirituality go hand in hand. They bring people together and allow them to just be.

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