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AAA Music | 23 May 2024

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4 Awesome Tips To Promote Your Rock Band’s Next Show

| On 24, Sep 2022

Rock music has been around for decades with millions if not billions of dedicated fans around the globe. Since its inception, rock music has evolved and branched out into hundreds of sub-genres and styles.

The competition for a rock band to survive and thrive in the industry is tough. Not only do they have to compete against other more established bands, but they also have to get their music out to a large number of listeners. One such way is a live concert. 

Everyone starts out from somewhere and before you can sell out big venues, you need to hold successful shows on a smaller scale first. There are a number of ways through which you can promote your show and bring a large audience.

Local Media Appearances

Local media outlets hold great sway over the people of a community. People often turn to local media to get updates on the happenings within their communities such as fairs, sales, and various other events. As such, you can also take advantage of this fact and promote your local gig on local media outlets. 

Radio programs, TV appearances, or even an interview in a local newspaper can greatly boost your reach. You can talk about your music and band in detail, and even get your music played, depending where you appear, and discuss your upcoming show in depth. The audience will get to know you better and are likely to attend your concert. 

Active Social Media Presence

An active social media presence is paramount for enterprises in the 21st century. The whole glove is connected via the power of social media which makes it a great platform for you to reach out to a large number of people instantly. 

As such, you should have an active presence on multiple social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are excellent choices for a rock band to promote itself, update fans, and interact. A great way to do so is by using posters that will let you inform your audience via a graphical post. 

To make a poster, you can simply use one of the various online poster maker services, such as PosterMyWall, to make your rock posters. You will need an artistic band photo, your logo, and some creative fonts to create a poster for this purpose. 

Many bands choose to use posters to offer updates to their fanbases. For example, the band Breaking Benjamin created and used a poster to inform their audience regarding some upcoming shows. 

Giveaways And Special Offers

It is no secret that people like receiving things for free. For a rock band, this presents an excellent opportunity to conduct giveaways and special offers that will boost ticket sales and increase attendance at your shows. 

You can hold special contests and giveaways on social media where winners could get concert tickets or autographed CDs or merch. You can also offer special merchandise that would be available at your gigs. You can even offer the chance for fans to hold a meet and greet with the band. The ideas are endless if you think creatively. 

Get In Touch With Your Local Music Shops

Shops and establishments where people can buy musical instruments are excellent locations for you to advertise your next gig. These places are frequented by musicians and enthusiasts who can be some of your most passionate fans. By putting up advertisements at these locations, you can reach out to your core fandom.

You can do so by making and putting up concert flyers in these establishments. Nowadays, it is very easy to make a concert flyer by using the various design services available online, such as PosterMyWall. You will only need a few things such as your band logo and some nice-looking fonts to create a concert flyer. 

Rock band Starset created and used a similar flyer to advertise a series of shows they were going to be performing. They used a picture of the band members, the band logo, and a list of locations and dates where they would be performing. These flyers were then shared all over their social media pages and even put up in various physical locations. 

Everyone starts as a nobody before they become somebody. As a rock band, you will likely play smaller values at the start and it is important for you to make sure these shows are some of the best ones you play. 

By following the tips listed in this article, you can effectively market yourself as a band and promote your upcoming gigs. Ultimately, it is the overall experience of your gig that will wow your fans and make your show successful. You can promote and market your gigs as much as you can, but ultimately it is how the whole show goes that dictates if your gig is successful or not.