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AAA Music | 28 January 2022

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The Sound Of Arrows @ Hoxton Hall

| On 08, Jul 2010

[cincopa 10663585]

London, 5th July

The Sound of Arrows delivered what it can easily be defined as the best gig I’ve been to in ages.

It must have been the clouds projection, the dreaming landscapes and the colour explosion on the wall behind the band. Or perhaps it was the dry ice oozing onto the stage from above, which helped creating a perfectly mad, tripped-out atmosphere. Or maybe it was just the singer Boy George moves on stage that made me fall in love. It doesn’t matter. All I know is that I haven’t had such fun in a long time and that I truly enjoyed the gig.

Initially impressiveness, the show grew better and better, getting everyone dancing and having a good time. You just had to love them, wearing 80s style frocks, perfectly coordinated, making their way to the crowd’s hearts.

If you think that they are just cute puppets, my dear, you’re wrong. These guys have it all and are not afraid to gamble. The music is fun yet multi-layered and well constructed, with a sapient use of the synths. Their appearance is studied to the detail: not afraid of being labeled as ‘fashion band’ these guys put on a proper performance, where their appearance, together with the graphics, lighting and even the dramatic run to the drum machine the singer does play a key role in the whole performance. And they should be praised for this.

My personal highlight of the night has to be Into the clouds, a jaw-dropping tune with an amazing anthem feeling to it, which is at its best performed live.

If you haven’t done so, make sure you catch them live in a smaller venue while you can, as these guys will make it big, and tonight was just a little taste of what they can achieve.