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AAA Music | 25 May 2024

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ORPHAN BOY – Album released today!

| On 02, Aug 2010

Orphan Boy are proud to announce the release of their album ‘Passion, Pain and Loyalty’ on the 2nd August 2010.  The single ‘Pop Song’ will precede the album, on the 19th July 2010.  Both single and album will be released through Concrete Recordings.   The album Passion, Pain and Loyalty will be available digitally and on CD, the single ‘Pop Song’ will be available as a digital release only.

Orphan Boy are a rock/pop trio that formed in Cleethorpes in February 2005.  They soon got the fuck out of there and moved to Manchester where they signed to Concrete Recordings. (Though two of them are now back in their beloved Cleethorpes)

They began by making a kind of post-post punk music in which choruses were forbidden and lots of guitar strings got snapped.  This became known as Two-Chord Council Pop, the culmination of which was their (classic) debut album, ‘Shop Local’, released in 2008.

Orphan Boy have played Glastonbury four times, twice under an alias. The orphans have a loyal fanbase, known formally as the Bebop Council Pop Orphanite Anti-Social Brigade, informally as the Orphanites and a record label that claims to be guided by the ghost of John Peel.  As a band they have learnt to buy bananas from service stations to gain best value for money and, once, nearly froze to death sleeping in Soho Square in the middle of winter.

In the wake of Shop Local’s ‘cult’ success, Orphan Boy began working on a new more melodic, more musical and more introspective direction (working title of Lad Art).

As the band put it:

Passion, Pain & Loyalty was written for all the people who listen to records alone in their bedrooms and stare out of the windows late into the night. It’s still got the energy and imagination of the first record, but the music is bigger this time. It’s sharper, deeper and more accomplished. We like to think that it could become one of the last great rock ‘n’ roll records. Which, for three scruffs from Grimsby, would be pretty good going. But even if no one buys it, this record will always be a success to us, because our aim was to make a great album, and that’s what we did.”