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AAA Music | 13 August 2022

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Sonisphere 2010

| On 07, Aug 2010

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Sonisphere Knebworth 2010

The true sign of a great festival can be measured in many ways, but to most of us there are only 2 main feelings on this subject. The first of these is the post fest blues i.e. a week or 2 where you feel you have lost part of your consciousness (the good part) and that you must make every effort to get it back – it’s a very intoxicating, gloomy mind f@*$.

The second (the one that I have) is the nightmare scenario where you thought you had, had enough but it turns out you were having the best time of your life and your body was just getting used to the lightning bolts of euphoric happiness and the comfort of knowing that you are part of something special.

Do you know that feeling?

All non chemically achieved I might add – but blew my mind all the same. This was addictive, it was exciting, it grew and moulded itself to what we wanted, it was always welcoming and smothered with a vibe reserved for only the most sensory aware beings.

And it was ours……………… but only for a short time.

This was Sonisphere Knebworth 2010

(sub headed ‘The Best Saturday Night I Have Ever Had’)

This festival cannot be measured in moments, like the first band on Friday afternoon, or the efficient stage changes and quick turnaround – all very important stuff I know, but when measuring THIS festival, I’m going to try and explain a feeling (and do some band stuff too).

Getting settled in was fairly straight forward and stress free, getting our passes, finding the press areas and stages – not a problem, although this is a fairly large area everything fitted in well, with all the essential festival gubbings ready for purchase for the usual sizable bunch of 5ivers.

We find the guest and artists beer garden and chill area, and we do what the sign asks….. and immediately chill – with beer. We had spoken with a few guys from ‘Youandwhatarmy’ the night before and were pumped to see them jumping over picnic tables to greet us and catch up. This is the start of Saturday for me. We chat about all things as fast as we can get the words out, chopping and changing subjects by the minute and drinking just as fast – this was a good table, this fact would had been visible even to One-eyed O’leg McNolegs, that this particular table was buzzing. We part several times throughout the day.

Music stuff

Shooting Corey Taylor – a mild mannered man, dressed in a blue t shirt and blue jeans, shooting the breeze about his heroes and in particular Mr Johnny Cash and following on with a few covers from his idol. There is no similarity here with any of Corey’s big named others, he has pulled the reigns back in, still shooting from the hip but with a more precise weapon. His set is melodic and easy going, Although the tent is as hot as all hell and I’m packed tight into a sweating heap of photographers.

And Motley Crue. We like Motley Crue cos they talk and sing about girls, drinking and having a kick ass time (lots of swearing too!), I have only one song in the pit to grab as many classy shots as I can (check em out and let me know). I’m stood next to the Eiger of all speaker walls and as the Crue start thrashing them out I can feel my innards reverberate within my chest cavity and the flesh on my face tingles. The warmth from my ale, the 50000 punters behind me and the awesomeness of the noise and songs only increases and exhilarates my mood as I turn out of the pit just as Wild Side rips into life.

Party Stuff –

We return to the chill area for saucy ribs and a few fries, along with a beer and find a free table to perch cameras, hats, glasses, beer and food, and meet some other new people. These people like to party, so we oblige and begin a fury of talk, life, beer and commotion. Cameras are all go as is top-row video and audio gear all aimed at capturing the best from all those involved in this most excellent of environments. We attract more new friends and before long there is a bank of dudes and gals all chillin’ and being part of this epic evening. The early night turns into hand stands and off-table back flips, made up songs and all sorts of air-instruments as we find ourselves sliding down a slippery dinosaurs back and hiding in a giant mushroom, paying large for small drinks and shooting everything we pick up. The music is rockin’ out and there is a lot of funk going down, but I decide to stay grass bound in the fairy lights and ‘slap-di-bass’ in time with my partners air drums and lead guitar – and it’s all good in our new found secret area – the entrance for which was to follow the curry, through the mystical kitchen and out the back door to the tree top cabins and dimly lit beer huts.

The party continues…..

That’s all the best bits from my Saturday at Sonisphere (although we had been there since Thursday night and weren’t leaving till Monday!) Unfortunately we were unable to get access to any of the 2 main stages (except for Motley Crue), but were kept busy by the hundreds of other bands around the site. Locations were well placed within the festival arena, with my fav being the Jagermeister truck/bus/transformer combo and the great angle to shoot their stage – i.e. without much effort. Food was aplenty as was a smiling face. A great festival, truly an experience so different from my other festivals that I would have to say, hands down that Sonisphere does actually Rock! Hard! And that this sentiment washes over all those lucky enough to waltz through the merry gates.

Music stuff-

Sunday is a great music day, but there is just not enough of the big guy to go around and I find myself getting a little caught between the 2 main stages. Although we do have great seats (on the grass) for each act and get ripped out my Sunday haze by Alice in Chains who delivery a blinding set, but I admit that it got me sorted for a beer.

The Stooges, what unruly, juvenile, senseless and passionate and vibrant and sexy. Ladies and Gentleman, this set will go down as one of the most moving I have ever seen, and I don’t mean no tears at bedtime, or skint knee shit either. I’m talkin sex y’all. This set, watching this guy and hearing the words makes me wanna do some funkin’. Its that good – go see for yourself and take someone special with you. They may be old but this bunch of wrinklies are hot shit. I loved every song and im pretty sure that im a convert. I know exactly where I was when I first heard Search & Destroy played live and I’ll never forget.

If metal is the devils work, then hold your noses cos we are going down. (smiling)

The main stage –  it is some size. If viewed from the side it looks as though there is cloud coming in from the north and a ship out at sea……. and a man with a wooly hat tells stories of great famine, of hate and destruction, of torture and war. Lights explode, the stage looks like the location of LV426 (that’s the colony planet on Aliens) and Iron Maiden takes to the air for an epic set of back ground changes, mad light shows lots of new material – not much old material and again, a lot of stories. I’ve never been a big Maiden fan but do totally respect the band, but was a little cheesed they did not get stuck in around the old numbers (Gary Numan did a top class metal version of Cars), and all the long intro’s and talking only landed me at the donut wagon and off to bed to avoid the crowds.

It might sound really bad form, but I only missed 3 songs – just not for me.

Thank you to Adam & Nelly for your help and understand, loved it! – and I will see you again at Bloodstock.

More metal anyone???

Author & Photos: Dave Livingstone