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AAA Music | 26 May 2022

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Mono Stereo – Me And My Machine

| On 14, Oct 2010

‘Me And My Machine’ is one of those tracks which seems to defy one’s expectations but in an entirely non threatening way. A slow building track is normally one of the most frustrating things about a song but in the case of Mono Stereo’s new single, not only is your patience rewarded but the slow build is actually a really rather lovely sixty seconds of music. The introduction is implemented at other times in the track which makes it seem like a real essential component part rather than simply a prolonging of the inevitable. There is a slight aura of a throwback evident here with a sound that seems very consciously reminiscent of The Beatles ‘Revolver.’ That is not to cast Mono Stereo off as musicians that are living in the past; there is a lot to appreciate here with an almost wall of sound feel to the track. Even the vocals seem to have a little dose of sparkle which makes Mono Stereo stand out in a market saturated by over processed vocals and a lack of sincerity.

Even more exciting is the contrast between the lead track and the acoustically driven ‘You Gotta Take Me Home.’ It is very rare that one can find a group that are able to pull off urgency as well as finding a place for perfect melancholy within their music. That is not to say that the psychedelic feel is lost on this track; there is still a slight underlying trippy feeling but it is certainly more controlled here than during the lead. This is the song to wind down to at the end of a night out in comparison to ‘Me And My Machine’ which will get you in the mood!

The band says that they are planning a full length album in the near future and this is something that I for one am very excited about!

Author: Josie Payne

Like to make your own opinion?  Have a listen for yourselves below:

Mono Stereo – Me And My Machine – Out 8th November by mono stereo