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AAA Music | 23 April 2024

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The Cordelier Club – Don’t Let It Go By

| On 06, Dec 2010

Don’t Let It Go By’ is the fantastic debut single from hugely talented newcomers The Cordelier Club.

Brother and sister Richard (27) and Alice Smith (25) are the heart and soul of The Cordelier Club, they write all the songs and take it upon themselves to record all the parts between the two of them, onstage they are joined by a full band. The siblings grew up in Cambridge, the spiritual home of psychedelic pop, and it definitely influenced their taste for a certain sound linked to late 70s, they remind me the sound of Goldfrapp in part inspired by Donna Summer. The use of certain synths into the intro and the harmonization of their voices as well as the structure of the arrangement make this tune very close to Abba, I appreciated the powerful Alice’s vocals echoed by his brother on the background, also the bridge is delightful with the male vocals singing on a paced drums while she emphasizes word together with compact choirs.

I think it’s a perfect debut single and it could be the prelude for a great album.

Author: Roberta Capuano