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AAA Music | 18 August 2019

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Menendez ‘Apple for Teacher’ release 4th July 2011

| On 18, Jun 2011

artist: Menendez

title: Apple for Teacher

label: Function Records

format: CD/ Mp3

Release date: Monday 4thJuly 2011

Menendez formed in April 2000 around brother and sister vocalists Daniel
and Rachel Burroughs. Straightaway, a Carpenters-like vocal harmony was
achieved which was subverted by no-wave obsessive guitarist Patrick
Hopkins and metalhead drummer Adrian Pringle. The result is wildly
eclectic music, moving from the swirling soundscapes of Blonde Redhead
to guitar-laden tracks reminiscent of the obscure, frequently bizarre
strands of ‘80s and ‘90s post-punk and indie-rock found on Pavement’s
Slay Tracks or Fire Engines’ Hungry Beat.

Now, Menendez are proud to announce the release of their second album on
Function, Apple for Teacher. Its 12 tracks range in mood from wide-eyed,
ecstatic pop, to melancholic ballads, experimental drone-jungle and
caveman punk. The record fully explores the minimalist trio aesthetic,
whilst keeping the listener’s attention throughout its 57-minute running
time. A nod to the early ‘90s slo-core sound is evident on several
tracks, but Menendez have injected a frantic urgency throughout,
creating a stylistically unique collection of songs that engross the
listener and eschew the boundaries of modern indie-rock. Menendez
continually defy conventional ideas and limitations to create work of
staggering depth and beauty. With Apple for Teacher releasing later this
year, the world will once again be richer for their presence.

“Delicate, quiet, minimal, refined, and really rather beautiful… a
relaxed Stereolab or a more rewarding Tortoise”- Album of the week,

“The main attraction with Menendez is that they choose to wrap you
around their finger rather than clobber the life out of you, plenty of
deftly plucked nimble post rockist noodling though engagingly delivered
with a canter like grace and threaded with a curiously space like
pastoral dynamic”– Losing Today

“A night in with My Bloody Valentine on the cough medicine.” – Cambridge