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AAA Music | 20 May 2024

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Laki Mera – Crater Mogwai Remix

| On 05, Dec 2011

A remix by Mogwai may not be an event anymore, considering how prolific the Glaswegian quartet is in putting their hands on other artists’ music, but Crater is really worthy of attention.

Mogwai show us here how to transform an electro-pop tune into an evocative, troubling and evocating elegy. This remix is a splendid Massive Attack-influenced, Morr Music-affected 5 minutes’ composition that will attire the consideration of those not yet familiar with Laki Mera’s music.

The pop atmosphere of the single is still intact, with its M83 and Sia atmospheres, but the Scottish touch of Mogwai provides breath and depth with glacial sounds and a layer of fuzzy electronics.

After Apparat’s Song Of Los, this is the second remix by Mogwai in just one month, distant from the saturated texture of their albums, but very close to a mitteleuropean sound that is even colder than the highlands beyond Hadrian’s wall.


Lorenzo Coretti