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AAA Music | 25 July 2024

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The Rasmus @ O2 Islington Academy

| On 27, May 2012

London, 21st May


The Rasmus don’t play many shows in the UK and this is a one off performance and tickets sold out fast and are going for a fortune online. Lauri comes onstage with feathers in his hair and bright yellow Wellington boots which I have no idea why he is wearing them but they have come something of a cult trademark, with fans wearing stickers with boots on them. He smiles as they break into the haunting sounds of stranger ‘Stranger’. Tonight they are going to play at least one song from each album so it’s like a greatest hits set, and the English fans have been waiting a long time to hear it. They have a massive screen behind them showing visual images that go with the songs they are playing as run through hits like ‘Livin in a world without You and First day of my Life’ which get the crowd on their feet jumping around singing all the songs as cool images are shown on the screen behind the band. They play a really heart felt version of ‘Justify’ which tickles at every ones heart strings and makes them melt, like the tragic and beautiful ‘Funeral Song’ does as well. These songs especially mean something to the fans in the venue tonight and you can see some tears in some of their eyes. They do hit up the pace again with the catchy ‘Guilty and Immortal’ before going to an acoustic section where they play a song from their deep dark funk past, which is so different from the material they do now. They also invite onstage a friend of bass player Eero to sing the song ‘October and April’ which they orginally had Anita from Nightwish guesting on which is a little slow but nice. Then the really big hits come in and the place erupts especially when they play UK mega hit ‘In the Shadows’. Some people outside the Rasmus world hate this song but it is a fan favourite and as they go offstage and come back on their is a lot of happy people in the audience. They play the new single ‘I’m a Mess’ which is an amazing new song that mixes their old style with a new electronic edge, and then the show comes to a end with ‘Sky’ a very quite number and not normally a kid of song you want to end a show on. The band will be back in the UK soon for a whole UK tour and if anything is to go by tonight it will be a big

Rasmus – Setlist
Livin’ in a world without You
First day of my Life
Time to Burn
You don’t see Me
Friends don’t do like That
Funeral Song
Save me once Again
(Acoustic Section)
Not like the other Girls
Funky Jam
October and April
No Fear
In my Life
In the Shadows
I’m a Mess


Daniel Cairns

Photos: Luca Viola