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AAA Music | 25 May 2024

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| On 04, Apr 2013


The Hosts, a melodramatic pop group from Sheffield, are soon releasing their debut album. Known for their catchy tunes and clear vocals, the band is facing an exciting year. AAAmusic interviewer Kjersti Westeng spoke to the band before the release of their single “September Song”.

AAAmusic: You are releasing your debut album this year, congratulations! Are you excited? Nervous?

The Hosts: Thank you. Excited – yes, nervous – not so much, we’ve waited a while to put the record out and it’s just a nice feeling knowing its finally going to be released.

AAAmusic: How would you describe this album? 

The Hosts: Melodramtic.

AAAmusic: Who are you inspired by?

The Hosts: Musically – The Velvet Underground, The Beach Boys, Fats Domino, Lee Hazlewood, Jonathan Fire* Eater, Johnny Cash, The Stooges, Roy Orbison, Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Sinatra, The Clash, Television, Eddie Cochran, The Flamingoes & Mussorgsky .

AAAmusic: On this album you have been working with recent Brit Awards nominated Richard Hawley, as well as having done several one off shows with him. What is it like to work with him?

The Hosts: I’ve know Richard for over 10 years now and have worked with him a few times in the studio, we work really well together. It was great to have him with us on this and to have him play on our record. There really isn’t much the man can’t do…….except see without his glasses on.

AAAmusic: “September Song” (released on the 8th of April) is about how a melody can transport you back in time, something most of us have experienced. Which songs transport you back in time and what do they transport you back to?

The Hosts: “Back In Time” – Huey Lewis & The News – takes me back to the future.

AAAmusic: The song is written on the 50th anniversary of the death of Buddy Holly. Can you tell us a little bit about the day you wrote this song?

The Hosts: It all came together in the studio; I was in the middle of writing and demoing a bunch of songs when the verse melody just appeared from nowhere. I knew it was the anniversary and already had an idea I wanted to write something relating to it. “The day the music died” just kept going round in my head and somehow I equated it with the death of a relationship. “September Song” is my American Pie if you like.

AAAmusic: If you could choose any band or artist to work with, who would that be?

The Hosts: Johnny Cash

AAAmusic: There are five of you in the band, which must be challenging at times. Do you guys argue a lot?

The Hosts: No we don’t argue, which is a good as we all live in the same house together.

AAAmusic: Now that you guys are on your way to becoming famous, surely the girls are queuing up for you once you get off stage?

The Hosts: Ahhhh right, is that what’s going on? No but seriously Jim does have a male stalker, ooops I’ve said too much…..

AAAmusic: And finally, what are your touring plans this year?

The Hosts: We have a few shows next month to promote the single and more to follow with the release of the album in the summer.  Lovely stuff.

Author: Kjersti Westeng