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AAA Music | 25 May 2024

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OK Go + PYYRAMIDS + Mulder + Sony = From Under The Stars

| On 20, May 2013


Sponsored Post: OK Go have created some of the best music home-videos of all time. So whenever an OK Go member is involved in something to do with music and film then AAAmusic is interested.

The latest music film to involve OK Go’s Damian Kulash was actually conceived by Sony for their Xperia Versus project. To test their latest smartphone, Sony sent Kulash and a number of collaborators to the Article Circle, Sweden, with the task of creating a music video using their new technology.

Kulash sent brooding indie pop band PYYRAMIDS, featuring OK Go bassist Tim Nordwid, out into the wilderness to write a song inspired by the Northern Lights, recording guitar and vocal parts on the Xperia Z. In the meantime, photographer Martien Mulder used the smartphone to capture the beauty of the Northern Lights and the icy landscape to create an accompanying video.

Using the One-touch sharing function of the smartphone, all the collaborators shared their individual work, and edited it, to create the music video ‘From Under The Stars’.

It’s a electronica-tinged, acoustic pop song – sparse and eerie, in a way that perfectly encapsulates the Northern Lights. Drea Smith’s vocal performance is nothing short of haunting, and the jittery video is perfectly pretty.

Check it out here:

In addition, if you fancy seeing the making of ‘From Under The Stars’, check out this informative video: