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AAA Music | 20 May 2024

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Las Vegas: Metal Travel Guide

| On 16, May 2014


Deep in the Nevada desert in a city famed for its flashiness and excess, one would not be alone in thinking all Las Vegas is good for is gambling and that certain kind of night that has you waking up in a hotel room with a pounding headache, surrounded by champagne and the distinctive smell of ladies of the night. You’d be wrong though. Las Vegas plays host to many metal shows and some of the best names in the genre have been known to frequent the dazzling strip. You can always gamble at home on sites like; but Las Vegas definitely offers much more than just slot machines and roulette. Still not sure about whether a trip to Vegas would be for you? Here’s some reasons why you should immediately book a flight.

Guns N’ Roses

The gods of metal, G N’ R are playing nine shows in Vegas this year between May and June. Their new show, ‘No Trickery! An Evening of Destruction’ looks set to include all the distortion, sweat, screaming and outright madness that we’ve come to expect from the band and if you’re looking to party hard in the true Sin City, this might be the one!

House of Blues

No visit to Las Vegas would be complete without a visit to House of Blues, the Las Vegas’ mecca of all that is punk, rock, metal and hardcore. Well known for its shows that include the biggest names and bands, upcoming acts include Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer, other national and international touring bands and something called the ‘All Ager Rager’…we’re not sure what that exactly is but the only way to know is to visit!

Las Vegas Death Fest









Returning for its 4th year, the Death Fest boats big names such as Mortal Decay, Pessimist, Disgorge and Germany’s own Begging for Incest! For three days a host of bands will be thrashing out at the Cheyenne Saloon in North Las Vegas in what will definitely be one of the biggest shows in the city this year!

Tailspin Bar and Grill

When you’re hungry, tired and looking for somewhere to refuel, the Tailspin is your best bet at getting it all back together before the next show. The best part? Every Tuesday night you can bring along your own instruments and jam with the musicians themselves which in the past have included Vince Neil and Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot. Playing with the legends could be the perfect end to your Las Vegas extravaganza.