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AAA Music | 19 May 2024

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Sponsored Video: The Order of Never Hide

| On 12, Aug 2014

Ray Bands - Sponsored Post

So, who has ever felt the desire to be part of a secret society? I’m sure, as kids, you all started your own secret societies, gangs and clubs, right? Well, Ray Ban is presenting the chance to join a real, bonafide, ancient secret society: The Order of Never Hide.

What is this super mysterious Order I hear you ask? “It is a movement established by humans – for humans – to preserve our most human qualities.” That is the short answer, anyway. The Order, which has allegedly been around for centuries and has included everyone from Iriquos Indians to “the first man to wear assless chaps”, is focused on promoting society (all societies) to embrace the human condition. This includes everything from the most specialist of skills to general concepts like individuality, passion and creativity. According to legend, The Order has been instrumental throughout history in ensuring mankind has always embraced these elements.

The Order, in conjunction with Ray Ban, is coming out from the secret shadows to help us accept ourselves; to feel comfortable in our own skins. We must Never Hide (hence the name, The Order of Never Hide, and hence why The Order is going to stop…hiding). Through the Never Hide challenge and using the power of social media, you have the chance to join The Order through sheer bravery and creativity. Naturally, the goal here is to empower oneself and in doing so join an ancient tradition, but you could also win a trip to London for the secret/non-secret initiation ceremony to this formerly secret, secret society!

Check out this video below to see a couple of lads in a video entitled Happyness (Rugged As Denim) as they reveal embarrassing secrets (spoiler alert: one is still a virgin and spends a lot of time in the shower), bad habits and doomed magic tricks (one starts a fire).

Are you as rugged as them? Probably. So, join The Order of Never Hide

Post sponsored by Ray Ban