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AAA Music | 19 May 2024

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DAVENPORT CABINET – Everyone Surrounding

| On 05, Oct 2014


The Davenport Brothers were two American magicians, famous in the 19th century for their tricks with musical instruments. Their name has been recalled for a band from New York who are making space for themselves in the alt-rock scene. Davenport Cabinet, born in 2007, are ready for their new album Damned Renegades to be released (Sept 30th).

That album, Damned Renegades is anticipated by a song, ‘Everyone Surrounding’ – a fusion of classic rock and post-grunge with a dash of progressive rock, thanks to Travis Stever’s guitar. The guitarist is from the new-prog band Coheed and Cambria and even though the two projects are worlds apart however, the background is clear.

Initially born as a solo project for Travis and then expanded into a full band, Davenport Cabinet is made up of Stever (vocals, guitar), Tyler Klose (vocals, guitar), Tom Farkas (bass) and Michael Hickey (drums, vocals). “With Tyler Tom and Mike I was able to achieve the full band sound and group interaction I’ve always wanted with the project”, said Travis. “I couldn’t be more proud of this record.”

Camilla Pascucci