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AAA Music | 2 March 2024

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FINCH – Two Guns To The Temple

28 October 2014 |

As odd as it may seem, this is probably the first Finch song I have ever listened to, so I’m going into this completely unbiased.

Obviously I’d heard of the band, but they have somehow always managed to escape my ears. … Read More

THE SO SO GLOS – Diss Town

22 October 2014 |

‘Diss Town’ is a good single, filled with sing-a-long potential and catchy hooks. The So So Glos have a happy history of producing high tempo rock and this track will delight their growing legion of fans. The … Read More

JINGO – The Art Of Loving

21 October 2014 |

East London has finally come up with an answer to the pit that is your modern rock collection: Jingo.

Psychedelic, haunting and pale minimalist, Jingo will teach you The Art Of Loving by stealing your heart and leaving you … Read More


15 October 2014 |

Submotion Orchestra have one of the most impressive instrument ranges I’ve seen in a while. Formed in Leeds in 2009, the seven piece band manages to flawlessly blend acoustic and electronic sound to the point where you forget … Read More


11 October 2014 |

English actress and singer, songwriter Marianne Faithfull has had a recording career for five decades. Sometimes referred to as a sixties ‘wild child’, her early work in music in the 60s and 70s was overshadowed by stories about her … Read More


10 October 2014 |

Lindsey Stirling, the ‘dancing violinist’, is a versatile new age musician and composer who plays whilst performing well choreographed dances. She energetically fuses hip-hop and classical with rock and dubstep and she’s achieved a massive 675 million … Read More


9 October 2014 |

Animalia, Mammal Hands’ first album, was released on the 15th of September. The eight-track album features interesting rhythmic figures, opulent harmonies and minimalist-inspired vamps. Brothers, Nick Smart (keyboards), and Jordan Smart (saxophones) along with drummer Jesse BarrettRead More

BAD FOR LAZARUS – Life’s A Carnival, Bang! Bang! Bang!

8 October 2014 |

Life’s A Carnival, Bang! Bang! Bang!, is a collection of no holds barred musical madness. The album is an anarchic mix of thrashing distorted guitars meets computerized technological driven beats. The wonderfully weird carnival comprises a collection of tracks … Read More


7 October 2014 |

This month Swedish band School released a debut UK single called ‘SoLong’. The track is in line with the Scandinavian trend for accurate dream-pop still bearing some individual marks. School start this song with shoe-gazing sonics, then carry it … Read More

LOLA COLT – Away From The Water

6 October 2014 |

As soon as I pressed play on ‘Away From The Water’, the title-track of the new album by London six-piece Lola Colt, I felt as though I had been whisked back to the sand-whipped streets of the Old … Read More