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AAA Music | 28 September 2020

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GALLOWS – Bonfire Season

| On 23, Apr 2015

Gallows’ latest track could easily be mistaken for a mellow Slipknot track. Musically, anyway. Wade MacNeil reminds us that it’s not a Slipknot song, but ‘Bonfire Season’ from recently released Desolation Sounds.

For Gallows fans, this might not be what they were expecting. It’s definitely a change of direction from the previous album, but also affirmation that they have completely moved on from Frank and their previous sound.

This is a slower, less harsh sound, with melodic clean guitars and almost-sung vocals throughout. The chorus is undeniably catchy, helped by that harmonised vocal line. Overall, the vibe and feel of the song is incredibly dark and spooky. Sinister. Guitarist ‘Lags’ says it’s the sound of them being comfortable making music together, rather than trying to fit into an idea of what their sound should be. And ultimately, making music you like is what it’s all about, right?

It might be a little different, but it certainly isn’t bad. ‘Bonfire Season’ is a dark, yet catchy, down-tempo rock song. Sure, it lacks the bite they used to have, but this is only one song from Desolation Sounds – don’t lose hope just yet.

Jake Parker

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Jake Parker

Very Good

‘Bonfire Season’ is a dark, yet catchy, down-tempo rock song from Gallows.