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Get these Apps for Free

| On 12, Jul 2017


Increasingly we are turning to our smartphones for our entertainment, and that isn’t really surprising when you consider how far the smartphone has come since it was introduced to the general public ten years ago. When Steve Jobs said that the smartphone was set to change the way we communicated with each other I wonder if he had an idea just how much it would change our lives.

The smartphone is now fully integrated into our lives, and it is actually the ‘must have’ fashion accessory of this year. With its large screen and advanced technology the iPhone is a great piece of kit for sourcing music, films, videos, and games. Sites like provide mobile users with high-end games that play seamlessly on the smartphone, in fact their games are optimised for mobile users making it simple and quick to source a favourite game at any time and in any place you choose.

Apps are at the very core of our phones, they make them personal and completely unique to each individual user. Below you will find a few of the latest free apps that previously have had a price tag attached. Better snap them up though as they are only free for a limited time.

Normally at $4.99 Faux Browser can get you out of a sticky spot, and it works in this way. Say you were browsing an adult site and in walks your mum, friend, colleague or roommate, don’t worry or panic, simply press the Home button and the page will automatically be wiped clean. Even the multi-tasking screen is cleaned too!

Player Clock is normally $1.99 and is a clock with an integrated music player. It has an LED design that has a continuous colour change, and it supports full rotation. The app can show, and hide the date, and the colours auto change. It can show the CD cover and use your entire iPod music.

For if you need a little brain testing why not try IQ Test which is usually $2.99. This IQ test comes with the solutions where you can either have +39 questions Mensa test or +33 Questions European test.

If you are fed up of getting your phone dirty when reading recopies or gardening tips why not try Hands Free Browser? Normally priced at $1.99 it’s a great friend for when your hand are busy and dirty doing other things. Also the app is really useful for those that do not have full mobility as you can surf the web without having to touch the screen at all.

For those messy smartphone users that have a messy address book Simpler Pro is what is needed. Normally priced at $2.99 this app will merge al your duplicate contacts with one tap, and will save your own contact groups. It has a powerful search, and you are able to share your groups with friends, family and colleagues. With Simpler Pro you can back up your contacts with a tap and its really easy to find the contacts you need.