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AAA Music | 24 April 2024

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Minco Eggersman – KAVKASIA

| On 04, Sep 2017


Minco Eggersman is a diverse musician from the Netherlands who started as a drummer and progressed to more sophisticated music activities. His background includes indie and lo-fi music, soundtracks for TV and movies and numerous collaborations with established artists on an international level. Besides, he runs the VOLKOREN label known for introducing fresh intriguing music.

Earlier this year he revealed a new step in his career – an atmospheric LP roaming between post-rock and neo-classical vibes. The release called KAVKASIA is actually Minco’s tribute to his trip to Georgia. The impressions provided by Caucasian nature, people and their culture shaped the canvas of this release. No wonder that tracks turned out to be varied yet tied by unique atmosphere, in the same way as people and cultural crossroads of Georgia are all tied by the history of this land.

Since Minco Eggersman explored different parts of Georgia, each track is dedicated to experiences from some of those places, be it an isolated mountain region or flamboyant city life of Tbilisi. Deep bass lines evolve into symphonic revelations, mysterious vocals mix with ordinary sounds of countryside, and each of these layers is a part of vivid exotic canvas.

Some of the names of the tracks already visualize a story for you even before the first note starts, just consider such titles as ‘Home of the Brave’ or ‘The Other Side of Dawn’.

The release opens with a soulful instrumental track ‘Hidden in Clouds’ and it’s a perfect introduction to the further journey awaiting us along KAVKASIA sound itinerary.

This new LP was made with a contribution of local Georgian artists. Thus, Iberi Choir is providing vocals on ‘Melisma & Gurian’ and ‘Deda Ena’. Lyrics sung in local languages add authentic dimension to Minco Eggersman’s representation of Georgian music landscapes. Among European musicians who took part in the recordings are Macedonian Symphony Orchestra, Oene van Geel, Svante Henryson, Audun Erlien and others.

Another portion of sound authenticity is delivered through using field recordings on this album. Sounds of mountain nature strengthen the feeling of diving into the lively peaceful surroundings as the instrumental part support this movement and widen the horizons around. And since KAVKASIA would probably be incomplete without the visual part, a few videos capturing the beauty of Georgian landscapes accompany this release.

Agnessa Yermakova

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Agnessa Yermakova

Very Good

An atmospheric LP roaming between post-rock and neo-classical vibes.