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AAA Music | 22 February 2024

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How to Earn Money by Teaching Music Online

| On 05, Nov 2018


With the world becoming more technologically-driven by the day, online education has never been more widely accessible. Now, would-be musicians can learn countless musical subjects, from learning to play the piano, write a song, or even produce their own tracks, without even leaving their house.

Point Blank Music School, which teaches music production classes, DJing and more, in several locations across the world, discusses the ways in which modern music instructors can make money by taking their skills online.

Set up a YouTube channel

Success does not happen overnight, and many of the best Vloggers and YouTube stars began their journey simply through dedicating a large amount of time to carefully craft their hobby.

If you have the time and resources to do so, creating regular, engaging video content via YouTube and steadily building up a loyal follower base, means you could eventually start monetising your passion.

Of course, there are thousands of other people with access to YouTube and a video camera, many of which will also be offering similar music tutorials. But, as long as you have a unique teaching style and interesting content which is superior to your competition, people will be happy to pay you for your knowledge.

Many vloggers make heaps of money by creating paid-only access to certain videos which can only be accessed through their website, whilst others use YouTube ads for affiliate commissions, in which money is earnt through clicks.

Offer Skype lessons

Whether it be accessibility issues, financial costs, childcare or even a disability, there are many reasons as to why a student might wish to take up online music lessons.

Being able to offer people the flexibility to learn a musical subject via a video conferencing tool, such as Skype, widens the net of potential students you can teach. No longer do you have to live in close proximity to each other – now, you could, theoretically, each be based on the other side of the world.

However, in order for this type of teaching method to work, you must both have a hi-speed internet connection so as to not disrupt the lesson. Moreover, as the tutor, you should be using high-quality equipment that is capable of transmitting good quality sound through the web.

Create your own online classes

There are now several online platforms, such as Skillshare or Udemy, whereby tutors of almost any topic or subject can use to sell their own video classes. All you have to do is create your tutorial video, upload it to the platform, and earn cash through PayPal whenever a student purchases your course.

If you need to get some online training or become qualified in digital skills you can always consider taking a bachelor of science in information technology.

Not only do you get to earn an income, but you also get to share your musical skills and knowledge with people from all over the world. It really is a win-win for everyone! Just remember to keep your course up-to-date with the latest skills and information so that your course remains relevant and people continue to buy it. Happy teaching!