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AAA Music | 23 April 2024

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Nevermind of Nirvana

| On 16, Sep 2019

Such a mind-blowing album by the mighty Grunge king Nirvana!! Nevermind of Nirvana is an album of an all-time hit, what even broke the selling record of all time what was even beyond imaginations of even for the band members!

That album sell itself more than 300000 copies of it and nominated as the best ever album of the tragic hero Kurt Donald Cobain, the key vocalist, lyricist, philosopher, and even guitarist of that super-hit band!

That headbanging mainstream awesome record contains with the tracks like:

  • Come as you are
  • Polly
  • something in the way
  • In Bloom

…and even the ever track like Smells like teen spirits which still nominated as one of the top personal choices of mine!

That fucking track flourished the life of 90’z kid, and as a record-breaking track, even in 21st century plenty of bands still covers it like hell!!

The vocal pitching capacity of the late Kurt Cobain gave that album a unique sense of masterpiece of all time. What really helped the Punk and Grunge Rock listeners to get assured as Nirvana fan, that they are something special!!

That masterpiece suddenly changed the entire scenario of Band music world and proved itself as a Classic shit beyond any doubt!

The songwriting talent of Cobain gave the essence of boldness and something that never even happened…

His unique piece of shit like the track, Smells like teen spirits, made him the spokesman of his own generation and even beyond it!  That song, boost up the energy of his generation and paved the way of expression as a philosophical point of view!

That entire album, attacked the traditional world Rock music scenario to make a change, and created a brand-new Genre like Grunge!

After 20 years of the released of the original version of that supersonic album, it has also re-issued in two more deluxe editions and established the brilliance of that particular album!

That life-changing album won’t get delighted by these two deluxe editions because they were not up to the mark as well.

Nirvana as a band started their journey with no dream of being a Megastar of the music scenario, but after releasing the album, it certainly happened!

Their huge commercial success made them enough confidence to move on with their music career but this time as a professional one and that was a revolutionary choice to make for the band members what helped them to make their third and tragically the final album as a band member of Nirvana…….

Cobain took his life away because of excessive depressions and unhappy marital life, which eventually ended up that band forever!