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Casino Movies that managed to make millions at the box-office

| On 16, Nov 2019

Human’s love for gambling isn’t something recent or new; if we look at the history of human growth and across the various different civilizations we will be able to find various types of and sometimes similar forms of betting and gambling. Gradually this common love for gambling has resulted in a concept that is known as casinos today. While conventional casinos are so popular that they are whole cities and regions dedicated to this concept, the advent of the internet and the subsequent rise in online casinos like has made casino games more accessible. 

Casinos and Movies 

When we think of casinos whether it is online casino and especially when it is the conventional ones we think of the glitz and glamour associated with it. It is a world of luxury that totally revolves around the concept of chance. The idea of casinos and casino games is so popular that there are some iconic movies based on casinos and casino games that have been a spectacular hit at the box office raking in millions and billions of dollars all over the world. Today we are going to look at some of the most popular casino movies that we all-time hits: 

1. Casino Royale 

We just cannot start a list of Casino Movies without it being a Bond movie! All through the ages, right from the time Bond movies became a thing and even before when they were popular novels, we have seen 007 killing it at the casino. There are a number of scenes of James Bond winning at various casino games like Poker, Baccarat, Roulette and more. 

Casino Royale, the first Bond movie with Daniel Craig as James Bond was a massive hit. There is a whole sequence in the movie where M specifically sends 007 to play against the notorious terrorist Le Chiffre to prevent him from winning and using the money to fund his anti-social activities. Everything about the sequence from James Bond’s poise to the gorgeous women to the high paced and extremely nerve-wracking game reflects the cult status of casinos in movies! 

2. The Hangover 

It might feel like an exaggeration, but The Hangover movie is the main reason why movies based in Las Vegas became so popular. A really exciting movie about a group of friends on a trip to Vegas for a Bachelor party and the cut to the next day where they wake up with no memory of what happened the previous day, a tiger in the room, one of them with a wedding ring on his finger and finally the shock to find that the groom is missing and what they do next to piece the puzzle that is the previous night before the big day all makes for interesting and thrilling viewing. The hilarious depiction of how things can go absolutely wrong in a casino and especially in Las Vegas is so near to reality that it is horrifying and hilarious at the same time.