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AAA Music | 23 April 2024

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Best Christmas Songs of All Time

| On 10, Dec 2019

So, Christmas is almost here. We know a lot of you have already planned for it, with most of you deciding where you want to spend it or which gifts you are buying for your loved ones. However, have you thought about the songs that you are going to be listening to and dancing to? Well, this post is giving you just a few of the best Christmas songs of all time. Be sure to download them and add them to your playlist. Oh, one other thing, don’t forget to get your favourite online casino games too to help you relax while you listen to these songs.

Do not despair if you do not find your favourites here. Remember, we said that we are only mentioning a few. You can still go ahead and download a lot more to enjoy with your family and friends.

John Fahey: The First Noel

Guitar music was new then and no one really wanted to buy it, but this song became a hit. John Fahey released an album of only Christmas instrumentals and this song became his best-selling song ever. You will really enjoy listening to eat as you eat your Christmas dinner with family.

Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler: Christmas Day (I Wish I Was Surfing)

This song was the loudest, as well as the most raucous thing that was on their Christmas album that was released in 2011. You will find this song to be very joyous although the lyrics say something else. In fact, the song talks about the need to escape to a place anywhere, although it shouldn’t be a cold place. According to kiwicasinos the song is also featured in some of Christmas casino slots.

Sally Shapiro: Anorak Christmas

We really think that this song is a gorgeous bauble. The song was done in the mid-00s and it brought an electropop feel to it, which was accompanied by the feyest indie. The song talks about how a girl fell in love on a Tuesday before Christmas.