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AAA Music | 23 May 2024

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Luke Wright & Cobbler – Live @ Norwich Arts Centre

| On 29, Dec 2020

24th October, 2020

Before the last COVID-19 lockdown, back in October, we attended a part of the Tilted East: micro festival which was a very small event in the city of Norwich. The whole set up was very safe with socially distanced tables, regularly attended by bar staff to serve us any refreshments we needed.

On to the gig, which is a collaboration of well known and respected performance poet, Luke Wright; and Cobbler, a sample-based electronic producer from Sheffield, providing the backbeat and guitar. This makes a set-up very loosely similar to Sleaford Mods, both sharing a more punk poetry type of noise.

Luke Wright is a sharp observer of mainly local life such as its small-town tragedies (Lowestoft), its political farces (Trump/Boris), and its intimate moments of gloaming (Relationships). Cobbler beefs up Luke’s words with snarly, dark and idiosyncratic accompaniment. This a real gig with a difference and it works (for the time being).

Maybe next year we will go back to some of sort of normality as regards to gigs and festivals. I live in hope and for now watching virtual live performances on our TV’s, smart phones and laptops is just fine.

Nige Nudds