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AAA Music | 19 June 2024

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Out Of Ideas For Your Next House Party? Here’s Some Help

| On 04, Sep 2021

House parties are always filled with great memories. Whether you’re celebrating another year of school or your best friend’s birthday, there’s always a reason to throw that one-of-a-kind party that everyone will remember for years to come, but sometimes, it can be tough coming up with new ideas to make your next house party stand out from the rest. So check out the tips below on how to start planning out your next amazing house party!

Hire A Magician 

This may seem like an obvious choice for a house party, but hiring a magician to perform for your guests is guaranteed to bring life to your party. 

Aside from the fact that magicians are constantly making people laugh and keeping them entertained, they can also keep any rowdy groups in check with their “magical abilities”. Plus, depending on your location, this can be affordable; hiring a magician performing in Oxford won’t break the bank. For safety reasons make sure that it’s clear what he or she can and cannot do at your event. 

Have A Photo Scavenger Hunt

You probably already have the photos of your guests from your last party, but it can be difficult to get photos of them altogether, and not knowing where those pictures are and who has them can make this challenging.

So, why not make a photo scavenger hunt? You could organize one where they go around taking selfies or you could hand out disposable cameras, set an amount of time for everyone to take their photos, and then return them afterward. Not only will this keep everyone entertained throughout the duration of the party, but you’ll also receive a bunch of new memories to reminisce over! 

Build A Fort In Your Living Room

Building a fort inside your living room is guaranteed to bring life to any party. All you need is a couch and some sheets or blankets and you’ve got yourself a fort. Simply pile up all of the sheets in your living room, build an entrance from one side of the couches to another and then decorate the inside however you please!

This is also a great activity for kids but can be enjoyed by anyone who’s curious to give it a shot. It’s easy to clean up too which makes this idea even better for those forgetful house party hosts out there. 

Have A Game Night

Having a game night is a simple tip that also guarantees to make your next house party awesome. But don’t limit yourself here– not only should you have games at your party, but try different categories for each one. For example, if you’re playing charades, change up the types of things you act out every so often. That way you’ll never run out of categories to act out or objects that your guests can guess! 

Sing Karaoke

If you’re not one for a singing solo in front of everyone, karaoke is a great option. You can either have it set up on your computer or TV so they can listen through their headphones or pass around microphones throughout the house. It’s also fun because not only will it bring life into your party but you could also have some laughs by watching your guests attempt to sing their favourite songs.

Have A Reality TV Marathon

Pretty much everyone has a guilty pleasure when it comes to television, so why not have a marathon of your house guest’s favourites? It doesn’t even need to be limited to one show; make theme nights for each night of the week if you want! This will get people talking about their favourite characters and what they would do differently if they were in that situation.

It will also give your guests something new to discuss after the party is over instead of reminiscing over how amazing it was. 

Require A Theme For Each Guest

Each guest should dress up to match a certain theme for the night (or not if that’s not their thing). You could go as simple as requiring everyone to come dressed in black and white to make it easy on your guests or you could require them all to wear something red.

This will keep people coming up with creative ideas throughout the duration of the party which can help spark conversation between them easier than usual. 

Put Your Music On Shuffle

Instead of having one playlist for your music, why not have each song set on shuffle? This way you’ll never know what type of songs are going to play next, making it even more interesting for everyone! It also gives your DJ or musician free range to play whatever they like without having to plan out specific genres or songs ahead of time. 

So there you have it, a list of some awesome creative ideas to try at your next house party. From building a fort in your living room to hosting a game night, hiring a magician, and requiring everyone to come dressed in a certain theme, these ideas will allow for an unforgettable experience no matter who is attending!