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AAA Music | 1 July 2022

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Singles | AAA Music - Part 108

Middle Class Rut – New Low

16 November 2010 |

New Low is one of a select few tracks in the emo pop/rock vein that doesn’t immediately feel tired upon first listening. This is probably because it doesn’t neatly fit into that genre at all – it’s got an … Read More

The Standards – Like A Heart Attack

16 November 2010 |

What can I say about The Standards? I love them! I am completely enthusiastic after I listened to theirbeautifully catchy single Like a heart attack. But pay attention, catchy is not synonym of banal , it’s hat kind of … Read More

Warren Fellow & Michel Steinbach feat. Todd Terry – Got A Soul

15 November 2010 |

The build on the track is very, very slow and yet it still never really reaches any sort of climax. It’s not that this is a bad track; it’s actually far more listenable than much of its genre only … Read More

Mirrors – Hide and Seek

14 November 2010 |

Mirrors release a new single from their forthcoming album “Lights and Offerings”, expected in February 2011.

“Hide and Seek” is a classy exploration around the best of 1980s, from a bass synth a la Human League and noir atmospheres … Read More

Tokyo Police Club – Favourite Colour

14 November 2010 |

‘Favourite Colour’ is the brand new two track single from the always lovely ‘Toyko Police Club’. The opening track ‘Favourite Colour’ is taken from the band’s second and most recent album ‘Champ’, and showcases the lovable indie sound of … Read More

Soundcarriers – Last Broadcast

14 November 2010 |

‘Last Broadcast’ is taken from the ‘Soundcarriers’ album ‘Celeste’, made up of simple riffs and rhythms it allows you to lose yourself completely through the music, and offers the imagery of escapism and new beginnings. A beautifully fresh track … Read More

Botany – Feeling Today

14 November 2010 |

‘Feeling Today’ is the five track début release from Spencer Stephenson a.k.a ‘Botany’. It is a wonderful creation of organic and man made sounds bringing something fresh, new and quite frankly amazing into the music scene of today. Every … Read More

The Hundred In The Hands – Commotion

14 November 2010 |

The Hundred in the Hands return with their second single “Commotion” and it’s nothing short of exceptional. Everdell’s vocals are stunning, cutting at the same time as holding a certain fragility that always makes the track feel like its … Read More

The Whigs – Hundred/Million

14 November 2010 |

The hype surrounding The Whigs at the moment is unavoidable; recently announced as the support for Kings of Leon’s December tour they are set to be unleashed on a whole new set of fans so what exactly has got … Read More

Needs Must – Thank You For Choosing

14 November 2010 |

Medway rockers Needs Must have something to say. Their Myspace page details their disgust in the way their hometown has gone downhill since Maggie Thatcher’s reign of terror, rising unemployment, corrupt council, rising capitalist homogenisation (or McVillages as they … Read More