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AAA Music | 1 July 2022

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Singles | AAA Music - Part 109

Foreign Office – On Repeat

10 November 2010 |

Cool. Some bands have it, some bands eat, live and breathe it, and some try so hard for it they are quite excruciating to listen to. Unfortunately Foreign Office falls squarely in the latter category. The drums and bass … Read More

Gregory and the Hawk – Olly Olly Oxen Free

9 November 2010 |

Smooth and soft as velvet, the voice of Meredith Godreau, aka Gregory and the Hawk, enchants again with new single Olly Olly Oxen Free, out on 1st November through Fat Cat Records.

Olly Olly Oxen Free and b-side Whisper … Read More

We Are Animals – Idolise

9 November 2010 |

With what can perhaps best be described as an experimental yet unpretentious sound We Are Animal have emerged with their exciting album release; Idolise. The band’s sound is a little reminiscent of Band of Skulls although to say that … Read More

Blood Red Shoes – Light It Up

9 November 2010 |

From their second album Fire Like This, Blood Red Shoes are back with a release that is as sure to infiltrate your mind as any of the classic anthemic 90’s rock that it is reminiscent of. A slow guitar … Read More

Metals – Drop Your Guard

9 November 2010 |

Australian duo Metals emerge with their debut single Drop Your Guard: a captivatingly twisted track that combines grinding guitar riffs and self assured vocals. The song presents the wonderfully abstruse relationship of man and machine with the juxtaposition of … Read More

Gazelle Twin – Changelings

9 November 2010 |

Ambience meets pop here in Changelings. Though the songs all have a decidedly creepy feel to them, none top I Wonder You, a cacophony of distorted vocals and ghostly synths. The eponymous opening track is a more delicate, ethereal … Read More

Ali Campbell – Carrie Anne

7 November 2010 |

UB 40’s frontman Ali Campbell is back with his fourth, (yes fourth) solo album to date. Taken from Great British Songs – a reggae re-interpretation of rock ‘n’ roll songs from the Sixties and Seventies. Lead single ‘Carrie Anne’ is … Read More

The Jim Jones Revue – Shoot First

7 November 2010 |

If, like me, you derive pleasure from irritating everyone in earshot with your disdain for most ‘modern pop music’, in the process sounding like a 58 year old woman with a mortgage (and for the record, I stick by … Read More

The Rapids – Fuses

7 November 2010 |

‘Fuses’ is the debut single from Bournemouth five piece the ‘Rapids’. The three track single instantly wins your heart with its undeniable loveable indie pop sound of fast tempos and addictive riff, sharing a similar sound to the likes … Read More

The Phoenix Foundation – Pot

7 November 2010 |

‘Pot’ is the début UK single from New Zealand six piece, ‘The Phoenix Foundation’.

Just over 3 minutes long, ‘Pot’ is an absolutely wonderful piece of sunshine psych pop, introducing us into the psychedelic pop world of ‘The Phoenix … Read More