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AAA Music | 25 May 2024

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steve hewitt | AAA Music

Love Amongst Ruin @ The Relentless Garage

5 November 2010 |

[cincopa AIKAOWqnqEVI]

London, 30th October

Love Amongst Ruin take the stage at north London The Relentless Garage on Saturday night. At my arrival I notice, to my surprise, that there aren’t as I thought it would be. First act on … Read More

Love Amongst Ruin – Home

25 October 2010 |

Love Amongst Ruin are one of my favourite bands at the moment. Steve Hewitt has proved that he can be an amazing front man and I verified that seeing him live. I was absolutely astonished by his charisma and vocal … Read More

Love Amongst Ruin – Love Amongst Ruin

13 September 2010 |

Just in case you missed the hype, Steve Hewitt of Placebo has started up his own band, Love Amongst Ruin. Given Placebo’s reputation as one of the most exciting recent bands, can Love Amongst Ruin escape from its shadow … Read More

Steve Hewitt on Love Amongst Ruin: welcome to the dark side

3 September 2010 |

AAAmusic has an earnest chat with gentleman Steve Hewitt on Love Amongst Ruin, the band that will unveil your dark side!

AAAmusic: I’m quite curious to find out why you picked Love Amongst Ruin as the band … Read More

Love Amongst Ruin – So Sad (fade)

28 August 2010 |

I’ve been a Placebo fan for years. I loved the itchy, girly and disturbing vocals mixed with a sound that to me spoke louder than words and expressed what I felt as a teenager and then a young woman. … Read More

Love Amongst Ruin‏ Album and Tour

13 August 2010 |

Forget Rocky, Born On The Fourth Of July or the Robbie Williams comeback; there’s a far more down-to-earth tale of triumph by perseverance right here in Love Amongst Ruin.  On the 21st September 2007 Steve Hewitt parted … Read More