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AAA Music | 24 May 2022

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Conspiracy for Good – Mystery Jets @ Victoria House

| On 12, Aug 2010

[cincopa 10708621]

London, 7th August

The hotly anticipated climax to the busy day of events that was the close to the Conspiracy for Good, the Mystery Jets played a special show at Victoria House in Holborn. Taking to the stage, the band played the sinister opening to ‘Alice Springs’ bathed in red lights. Swiftly moving into more familiar territory with hits such as ‘Half in Love with Elizabeth’ and ‘Two Doors Down’ the band warmed up the audience before trying more new material from their latest album Serotonin.

‘Flash a Hungry Smile’ with it’s melt in the mouth harmonies and whistled verses went down really well. Lead single ‘Dreaming of Another World’ was very danceable but ultimately felt a bit flat.

For me, the most interesting moments in the set occurred when bassist Kai Fish ditched his guitar, playing keyboards on the synthy, euphoric anthem ‘Show Me The Light’. Later the band finished with the closing track from their previous album Twenty One, ‘Behind the Bunhouse’. Fish filled the hot, swaying room with haunting notes from a strange instrument akin to an accordion. Playing in the half dark at the side of the stage and seemingly deeply lost in the music, Fish appeared a timeless broken-hearted troubadour. These moments of unexpected beauty, complimented by singer Blaine Harrison’s passionate vocals were hypnotic to watch and proved that the band can do a lot more than just write pop ditties about girls.

The set culminated with a tradional rock and roll ending as drummer Kapil Trivedi stood on his kick drum and thrashed around manically, whilst guitarist Will Rees smashed his guitar against the symbols.

On the gossip note, Misha Barton and boyfriend Ali Love have been spotted in the audience, making the night far more glamorous.

Author & Photos: Laura Oliver