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AAA Music | 19 May 2024

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InMe performing Overgrown Eden @ The Relentless Garage

| On 24, Nov 2010

[cincopa A4EAvVK62W4q]

London, 19th November

On Friday night InMe took their relentless fans on a nostalgic trip back to 2003 as they performed the entirety of their debut album Overgrown Eden. This was the first of a series of gigs that the band are playing at the Relentless Garage this winter and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Upon hearing the heavy opening riff of Underdose the crowd surged forward ready to rock like it was 2003! At the beginning of the set it was difficult to hear lead singer Dave McPherson’s voice beneath the cohesive chorus of fans that filled the venue although the sound did improve by the third or fourth song. InMe jolted fans memories with classic hits from the album with the aggressive melodies and rousing hooks that form the bands distinct metal sound. McPherson’s vocals have also noticeably improved with his vocal range becoming far more consistent; this made classic tracks such as Firefly, which on the album is vocally sporadic, even more enjoyable to listen to. As well as songs from Overgrown Eden, the band also managed to fit in an encore of crowd-pleasers from later albums including single of the week, which was rewarded with an impressive level of crowd participation. I would have liked to have heard the band performing more of the b-sides from the first album tracks rather than their later hits however the set list seemed to give the crowd exactly what they wanted. Speaking to fans after the gig the only negative comments I heard were that people were in pain or felt disgusting which, lets be honest, is probably the sign of a great gig. InMe’s performance at the Relentless Garage made two things blatantly clear: InMe’s fan base are inexorable and the band themselves are stronger than ever before.

Author: Alice Cuddy

Photos: Khadjia Pandor