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AAA Music | 28 June 2022

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Death In June @ Underworld

| On 10, Jan 2012

London, 23rd December

There is a massive police presence outside the venue tonight and protesters that tried to get tonight’s show banned but after a statement made by the band on the London Underworld website that they, are not a Neo Nazi band and that Neo-Folk was just about the music and that they used Nazi Imagery; but were not actually – Nazi’s the venue let the show go ahead. The evening begins with a delightful piano renditions of the band’s songs which for me was even better than the actual set and a rare treat cause tonight is the last time ever you will see ‘Death in June’ live in the UK. Ian Reed of Sol Invictus starts the night with his new band ‘Fire and Ice’ with his brand of kind of folk and spoken word which has stories inter-linked to music and makes you are reminded of times gone by and very striking.
Death in June start their set with Flags, drums and Scary Masks but where’s the other guy tonight’s show will be only Douglas P  after the other members are not let into the country of issues with their passports. Douglas P does what could be only called their greatest hits which include songs such as ‘Hollows of Devotions, Runes and Men and the amazing Roseclouds of Holocaust’ he plays the guitar even does some drums and shows what a veteran in the game he really is, this band will be missed on the live circuit and have inspired the majority of goth bands around today. If you missed this show you have made a big mistake.

Daniel Cairns