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AAA Music | 3 March 2021

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InMe @ O2 Academy Islington

| On 09, Apr 2012

Special Guests LostAlone

London, 31st March

LostAlone are Gerard Way from My chemical Romance’s favourite band and I have always wondered why, but tonight I can see why he likes them. They have progressed a lot in the last few years with their sound progressing from a annoying obnoxious monotone to a joyful Muse Esq buzzing live experience with even the vocals being in key which they have suffered from in the past. This band have grown up and really have something to offer now. This is alternative British rock at it’s best and when you get over the fact they look like Noel Fielding on acid you actually realize that you quite like Lost Alone. They are on the cutting buzz now of the alternative scene and are now very well respected and they go crazy onstage like nobody’s business they don’t care that they are just the support band they say we are Lost Alone and we rock. I think the highlight for me was there old anthem ‘Blood is Sharp’ which is just a song you can sing in the middle of jumping around.
InMe are another band on form and tonight they are ready to wind down their tour with an explosive laboratory of songs from their new album ‘The Pride’ and their extensive back catalogue, I sometimes feel they don’t pick the best songs in the setlist and this night is the same again missing out some songs that I think people really want to hear but they do playing the amazing and catchy hit ‘7 Weeks’ off ‘White Butterfly’ which everyone goes crazy to and the mosh pit really opens up to, InMe are a great live band and even thou I am not so keen on their new material the songs sound different live and Dave McPherson seems to be getting a Devin Townsend feel to him on stage as he shreds on his guitar head banging up and down in a flat cap more than Alf Garnett. He announces that in the past he had a different style of songwriting which I totally agree with but both have their place and the old songs like ‘Natural’ sound amazing tonight and I think they have really pulled out the stops to end the tour on a high and you can see they have gathered new guitar skills on tracks like ‘Pantheon’ and ‘Legacy’ which really shows the band have aged with grace but surprisingly have really moved with the times because the crowd is still quite a young bunch of student types and they seem to have had the say appeal as bands like Ash to the student crowd and I think InMe will be around for years to come.

InMe – Setlist
Reverie Shores
Faster the Chase
Belief Revival
Saccharine Arcadia
A Great Man
Cracking the Whip
7 Weeks
Monlist Seabed
Her Mask P.A
Raindrops on Stones
Ferocity in Desire


Daniel Cairns

Photos: Luca Viola