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AAA Music | 25 July 2024

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| On 10, Jun 2013


Next To You is set apart by contrast. Defined by its edgy rock and roll guitars, driving drum rhythms and the powerful vocals of Misty Miller which at times willingly yields to sweet subtlety and a purity that is unparalleled.

The EP opens with the title track ‘Next To You’ which immediately grabs your attention, offering a sense of fragility with the sweet and pure vocals of 19 year old Misty Miller as she sings “I washed my hair for you”, giving the listener a sense that she was denied anything in return which is echoed in the chorus. Here, the song takes a surprising turn into the a high energy power house rock and roll track, bursting at the seams with attitude as she sings “you wouldn’t care if I moved”. The song offers a nice contrast shifting from the sweet and delicate to the aggressive and demonstrates Miller’s skills as a vocalist.

‘Anything for You’ is equally as robust and energetic bringing a sense of seduction to the table; “You said you like it but babe you’ve never tried it. I’m dying for you just to take a little bite”, heard over a bluesy guitar riff which builds to an up tempo, rebellious rock track. It is playful and provocative and one of the highlights of the EP as whole.

A change of pace occurs midway through the EP with ‘Wait’; a charming song presenting a more fragile side to Misty Miller’s song writing as she pleads with her lover to ‘wait, you know you’ve got to live because I love you’. The opening lyrics and general theme of the song brings to mind the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ ‘Maps’, but portrays a more playful, perhaps quirky love story. The song is rich with blues themes which along with Misty’s fragile vocal performance characterize the song.

A mysterious bluesy guitar riff opens ‘Tea in China’ which is followed by Miller’s smooth vocals. The song builds nicely to the chorus and overall the song has the feel of a true rock ballad which ends with an epic solo. Finally the EP closes with ‘I’ve Got Everything’, which contains some of the more raucous vocals of the collection and some very interesting harmony work which adds a sense of rawness and inventiveness to the EP.

The EP as a whole is drenched in contrast demonstrating the artist’s versatility, and ability to combine a series of genres. There is no doubt that Misty Miller brings something new and refreshing to today’s music scene, which in my opinion is something which is badly needed.

Shane O Neill