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AAA Music | 23 April 2024

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THE SKINTS – Part and Parcel

| On 19, Jun 2013


Part and Parcel is a thick album, heavy with all the influences that made this record possible; rapped and fast lyrics alternated with slower bits – I’m thinking of ‘Rat-a-tat‘, which gives back the feeling of being dragged into a vortex of sounds that doesn’t spit you out till the very end. When you’re in the real world again it feels like it has been ages. It may sound like a negative comment but it’s not. When the time starts flowing differently it means you’re deep with your ankles, knees, neck and head in the music and you’re living with the rhythm of it. It’s magic.

The Skints, an East London based band, are made up by Jamie Kyriakides, Joshua Waters Rudge, Jonathan Doyle and Marcia Richards; they dubbed their music as East London Reggae and they’re about to release an edited version of their sophomore album – Part and Parcel – with four extra tracks, including a cover of Katy B‘s ‘On a Mission‘.

Track number four ‘Live East Die Young‘ is a powerful tune with biting lyrics and a reggae rhythm, a tune that not only will get you up on your feet to dance but it will also grab your stomach with its bitter words. ‘Ring Ring‘ is a fusion of jazz, ska and reggae and shows how versatile this band can be. Marcia’s voice is hypnotic and warm and you get caught in the vortex of the music without even realising it. There’s also space for a remixed version of ‘Rat-a-tat‘, which has a hint of electro music with a powerful bass-line and guitars.

The band has been touring with almost no break since 2008; the last one started in May and finished two weeks later on the 2nd June and saw The Skints playing twice a day.

Monica Guerrasio