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AAA Music | 24 June 2024

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| On 19, Aug 2013


Crowned in 2012 as “The Next Big Thing” by Success Express Music, Warrington singer-songwriter Johnny Lucas returns with his latest release ‘Lilo’. Combining a medley of influences from The Beatles to 90’s Brit-Pop with a pinch of modern artist like Jason Mraz makes ‘Lilo’ an impeccably up-lifting and catchy tune for any summer anthem.

Vastly expanding on techniques popularised by more popular artists like Ed Sheeran, all the instrumentation is performed with nothing more than a handful of loop pedals and guitars, which ‘Lilo’ is no exception.

From the start Johnny’s laid back ‘non-serious’ style is very evident with the use of comically high-pitched vocals that reflects his persona well, the song moves along into a solid Hip-Hop groove that would seem more at home on a Jason Mraz album, that said, this loop coupled with the bass grounds the song nicely allowing the lyrics and melody to flow freely around the verses. The chorus sections sees ‘Lilo’ move into a fully uplifting 90’s Brit feel ending with what I could only pin as a 60’s Boston Arena-Rock harmonious section?

Structurally the song doesn’t deviate from the standard Rock foundation of verses and chorus followed by the penultimate solo/middle 8 and ending chorus but in the context of ‘Lilo’ this ultimately doesn’t matter. This isn’t a song trying to break the mould or smash through walls, as much as “lilo” could be a metaphor I think the truth is simply it’s an uplifting song about taking life easy which sincerely reflects his personality and style. ‘Lilo’ might not be the absolute strongest release to make Johnny Lucas “The Next Big Thing” but more his unique live performances in time will help this prediction.

Daniel Garnham