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AAA Music | 5 March 2021

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WEATHERBIRD – Chasing Dragons

| On 03, Jan 2014


‘Chasing Dragons’ is the second single from Weatherbird’s EP Cut Me Loose. The overall architecture of this track is that of a traditional grunge/rock anthem; showcasing a Foo Fighters-esque methodical thrashing, and scratchy vocal-roars with an emotive hint of Cobain. ‘Chasing Dragons’ is certainly a well forged head-banger that raises its energy levels as it progresses.

One downside is that I feel like I’ve heard it before, especially from the vocal style, and there is a danger of this being seen as a ‘heavier Nickelback’ (take that as you will). What brings ‘Chasing Dragons’ away from the ‘generic rock song’ area however is the scratchy, guitar flutters at intervals between the pounding march; moments that resemble those wispy, raw guitar twinkles and from the Stone Roses. This gives ‘Chasing Dragons’ a needed depth of style, other than a homogenous rock sound: a cross-style mix on a subtle level, that Weatherbird may need to keep in mind for 2014.

Liam Dodd