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AAA Music | 24 April 2024

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ATLASES – Upbringing EP

| On 14, Jan 2014


Before I even listened to this EP, I saw the words “Metal and Hardcore” and instantly become curious. I became curious because the Metal and Hardcore scene is full of a lot of dreck, and I’m always on the lookout for bands that are doing different things. Sadly, Atlases aren’t really doing anything new, but what they are doing, they are doing incredibly well. And I like that, too. Their latest offering, Upbringing, is a 6 track EP, which is a straight-up Metal/Hardcore sonic assault.

Opening track, ‘Betrayer’, sets the general tone for the rest of the EP; dark and depressing. But in a good way. Heavy from the offset, their influences are clear. I can hear The Ghost Inside, Bring Me The Horizon and Miss May I, among others. Like their influences, they have heavy guitar riffs and fast drum patterns interspersed with melodic lead guitars layered over tight, heavy rhythm sections which show they can do more than just make you want to mosh. Atlases’ vocalist screams with intense passion throughout the EP; you can hear it in his voice.

While keeping things heavy and groovy, the guitar riffs are also melodic to some extent; it’s not all mindless low notes. In some songs, there are even clean sections, most noticeably is ‘My Testament’, which has clean guitars through the first verse, reminiscent of something from Bring Me The Horizon’s latest album, but without the synths. Another track I am fond of is ‘The Deepest Dark’, which hints at While She Sleeps, with the groovy opening riff.

One criticism would be that there a lot of repetitive rhythmical sections throughout the EP; what most people call breakdowns. While this is the style of music they play and I won’t knock them for it, it can come across as lazy writing. Another would be the songs all sound quite similar, and have similar structures. They have a clear style and formula for writing songs, and it works. They just need to mix it up a little more often. If Atlases keep at it, I’m sure they’ll do great things, as there is a lot of potential here.

Overall, Upbringing is an EP worth listening to if you are a fan of Metal and Hardcore. It’s well recorded; the songs are heavy, groovy and melodic; and the lyrics aren’t complete nonsense! Upbringing is being self released on 20th January. Check out their video for ‘Secret Keeper’  below…

Jake Parker